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How to Grow Sunpatiens®

How to grow sunpatiens #ballaustralia #flower #ilovemygarden #garden www.aboutthegarden.com.au

SunPatiens® offer unrivalled three-season flower power as the first impatien to thrive in FULL SUN plus withstand heat, humidity, rain and shade! These remarkable plants represent a breeding breakthrough and are a cross between a wild Impatien species and a New Guinea Impatien. Delivering continuous colour from spring through to Autumn, SunPatiens are unaffected by downy mildew and less prone ... Read More »

How to Grow Beetroot

Growing beetroot in Australia vegetable garden #aboutthegarden

  Beetroot is great to have on hand and is so easy to grow, you’ll only wish you’d planted some sooner…  How to plant Beetroot is best sown as seed, although if transplanted carefully, seedlings will also develop well. Where to plant Beetroot will grow best in a loose, fairly sandy soil. They are not fussy however, and will also grow well in ... Read More »

Recipe Spicy Vegetarian Potato Curry

Spicy potato curry Recipe #vegetarian #garden #recipe #aboutthegarden

As the weather cools and we head into the wintery months, there’s nothing like little spicy comfort food. Try this vegetarian dish using your homegrown potato! Ingredients 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil 1 onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 tbs grated fresh ginger 2 tsp ground coriander 2 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp garam masala 1 tsp turmeric ... Read More »

Easy as! Strawberry Planter

Easy As planting up a strawberry planter #instructions #aboutthegarden

Don’t let having a limited space hold you back from trying your hand at home grown strawberries. Strawberries are great container growers, you can plant your crop in pots, hang in baskets, potting mix bags or even this specially designed strawberry planter bag! These strawberry bag planters are ideal for those with balcony or courtyard gardens, as they are light ... Read More »

How to Grow Potato – The Super Tuber

How to grow potato the super tuber

The potato originated in the Andes Mountains where it was cultivated by Pre-Columbian Indians. It was taken to Spain by the Conquistadors, but because of its association with poisonous plants (it is a member of the nightshade family) the potato didn’t come to prominence in Europe until introduced into Ireland in the 17th century. Being so nutritious and easily grown in poor soil, ... Read More »

Loved by Brisbane Kids


If your a Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) local or planning a holiday to this gorgeous city with children, then this website is AMAZING. Brisbane Kids is the one-stop Brisbane website for events, activities and things-to-do, perfect for parents, guardians and grandparents alike. Here is what Ngaire, owner of Brisbane Kids has to say: It all comes down to family and LOVE and MEMORIES ... Read More »

Be A Fun Mum


If there is one person that can get you re-thinking your daily focus, it’s Kelly from Be A Fun Mum. Kelly is all about loving the moments of life that sometimes we overlook, that joy is in the little things, that parenting isn’t about having the best gadgets or buying the most expensive toys. That every moment is beautiful in ... Read More »

The Organised Housewife


If you’ve ever wanted to be a little more organised, de-clutter your spaces or even just try some amazingly affordable cleaning tips, then you will love Katrina from The Organised Housewife. Katrina describes herself as:  “a wife to a wonderful and supportive man as well as a mother of 3 children Mr and Miss 10 twins and Miss 8. I ... Read More »

How to Grow Cooler Climate Tibouchina

How to cooler climate tibouchina in pots #australia #gardening #pots #flower #purple www.aboutthegarden.com.au

Tibouchina are no longer restricted to the more tropical states of Australia, with the release of the Tibouchina ‘Cool Baby’ and Tibouchina ‘Groovy Baby’.  Not only do they perform well in cooler climates, they are hardy, beautiful in full flower and being compact are ideal for pots.   General Care Tips Tibouchina ‘Cool Baby’ and Tibouchina ‘Groovy Baby’ perform best ... Read More »

2014 About the Garden Magazine Archive

About the Garden Magazine is a FREE publication distributed through a network of garden centres, nurseries, hardware stores and landscaping yards. They are your local gardening experts visit yours today! About the Garden | Summer 2014 Edition | Issue 71 Issue 71 features; Bee Magnets, Tropical Gardens, Hibiscus, What to Plant Now, New Season Beauties and Getting the Garden Ready for ... Read More »