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7 Things to Consider Before Planting a Shade Tree

seven (7) things to consider before planting a shade tree #noelburdette #summer #aboutthegarden

A well positioned, healthy tree can bring a lush, leafy ambience to your home or work environment as well as protection from the elements. The following check list will ensure you choose the best tree for your situation. 1. Take a hike Look at trees growing in your own neighbourhood. This will give you an idea of how trees will ... Read More »

3 Festive Ways to Use Sage

Three (3) Festive Ways to Use Sage #herb #decorating #christmas www.aboutthegarden.com.au

Sage is a beautiful herb to add to culinary dishes, however due to its strong flavour only a little is usually required for cooking, leaving you to ponder….. what to do with the abundance of lush green aromatic foliage in the garden?! Here’s three (3) festive ways to use sage this holiday season, to fragrance and add living colour to ... Read More »

Recipe Quick Mango & Avocado Salad

Recipe quick mango and avocado salad #garden #aboutthegarden

Use all those delicious mangoes and avocados off the trees with this lovely little fresh salad dish for Summer entertaining. Ingredients 2 mangoes, diced 2 avocados, diced 100g baby spinach, washed handful of flaked almonds or pine nuts 4 tbsp mango chutney or similar Method Place baby spinach in a salad bowl or on a serving platter. Top with mango, ... Read More »

How to Grow Avocado

How to Grow Avocado #australia #tree #fruit #garden www.aboutthegarden.com.au

Avocados are easy to grow in warm-temperate to tropical gardens and are a nutritious power house of vitamins, minerals, beneficial fats and antioxidants. Low in sugar and containing no starch or salt, planting an avocado tree can be the best way to grow your way to good health and nutrition.   Planting position Give trees full sun and shelter from ... Read More »

Poolside Gardens for Small Spaces

Vertical and potted poolside gardens for small spaces

Swimming pools require a significant portion of our increasingly space-limited backyards, however this does not mean the pool area has to be void of plant life, you can still have a splash and enjoy the colour too!  Climbers. Consider making the most of vertical walls and fence lines with densely foliaged, evergreen climbing plants such as Chinese star jasmine (Trachelospurmum jasminoides) or ... Read More »

Flower Fact Sheet Archive

About the Garden has a long history of providing practical gardening advice. Below is an archive of all our ‘older’ gardening Flower Fact Sheets from many moons ago. Some of these may feature products which have been discontinued or re-branded, but the advice is still the same. Check out our blog posts, subscribe to our monthly email newsletter and visit your ... Read More »

Planting a Poolside Garden 6 Things to Consider

Building a garden poolside 6 things to consider

For many of us, a swimming pool in the backyard is synonymous with the great Australian lifestyle and complementing your pool with stylish gardens will enhance your enjoyment of it, year after year. For the most successful result it’s as important to make sure your pool blends with surrounding landscaping and to use poolside plants that grow happily beside the water’s edge ... Read More »

2013 About the Garden Seasonal eNewsletter

If you love to garden (or just want to give it a good go) then you will find our Monthly Seasonal eNewsletter a handy addition to your entourage of online gardening resources. We’ve got all the best handy hints to get garden, including the popular Regional Gardening Diary. Below is an archive of what you’ve missed so far or what you’d ... Read More »

2013 About the Garden Magazine Archive

About the Garden Magazine is a FREE publication distributed through a network of garden centres, nurseries, hardware stores and landscaping yards. They are your local gardening experts visit yours today!  About the Garden Magazine | Summer 2013-14 Edition | Issue 67 Issue 67 features; Fabulous Festive Flowers & Foliage, Ponds – A Reflection of Nature, Summer Flowering Beauties, Sensory Gardens, ... Read More »

Part 2: Growing Aussie Bush Tucker

Grow Australian Native Indigenous Bush Food in your garden

Part 2 of Bush tucker plants and how to grow these Australian indigenous plants in your home garden. Finger Lime (Citrus australasica )
  The finger lime is one of many limes native to Australia. It is found naturally on rainforest edges and grows to around 4-6m in height. The bush is extremely prickly, so it’s a good intruder deterrent when planted ... Read More »