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Recipe Baby Beetroot Salad

baby beetroot salad Recipe #bbqdish #garden #recipe #aboutthegarden

There are many different ways to prepare beetroot, other than the traditional boiling or steaming. This little dish will be a crowd pleaser at your next BBQ! Ingredients: 500g baby beetroot (or tin of Baby Beetroot) olive oil brown sugar (use when preparing with fresh beetroots) 100g dried cranberries 1/2 red onion, sliced 4 lettuce leaves, broken up salt & pepper ... Read More »

Make It! Sunflower Seed Gifts

Make it Sunflower seed gifts bags #kids #craft #partypack #flower #aboutthegarden

Growing sunflowers is so much fun and what better way to share the enjoyment with friends and family than by creating your own Sunflower Seed Gifts. Great for Mother’s Day Gifts, party and wedding favours! By Renee Nugent I love growing Sunflowers in the garden, but have always wondered what I can do with the seeds once the flowers are ... Read More »

How to Grow African Violets (Saintpaulias)

how to grow African Violets #garden #indoor #pot #flower #aboutthegarden

They may have a touch of ‘granny’, but African Violets make for marvellous flowering indoor plants and are the ideal choice for terrarium displays.  Location African Violets require moderate to bright indirect light all year round to encourage flowering. A well lit kitchen bench or coffee table is perfect. They also prefer humidity in the atmosphere (thus why they are ... Read More »

How to Grow Crotons

How to grow crotons for low maintenance colour #tropical #plant #garden aboutthegarden.com.au

The large, glossy and vividly coloured leaves of the croton (Codiaeum variegatum) bring year-round colour and a tropical look to warm climate gardens. They are easy to grow and require almost no maintenance once established. How to position crotons Give crotons a warm, sunny position for best leaf colour. They also grow well in shade but with less sunlight they ... Read More »

How to Grow Ginger in Pots

How to Grow Ginger in a pot www.aboutthegarden.com.au

Fresh ginger brings a touch of authenticity to any Asian stir-fry and makes a cool, soothing cordial on a summer afternoon. Growing ginger in your home kitchen garden can be easy. Ginger can be grown from the fresh ginger available at your grocery store, which is actually the underground runner, or rhizome, of the plant. For best results, use pieces ... Read More »

How to Care for Hibiscus

How to care for hibiscus the delicate beauty aboutthegarden

For a smallish shrub of fairly delicate habit, hibiscus sure can produce the most enormous, flamboyant flowers. They are tough, too. Even a neglected hibiscus bush can continue to flower through the harshest conditions. In the tropics, hibiscus can flower throughout the year — including winter. Hibiscus colour Choice of flower colour is endless, with the exception of a true ... Read More »

How to Care for Bromeliads

How to care for bromeliads the tropical wonder

Bromeliads can bring an instant touch of the tropics to the coldest and driest climate gardens. Their lush, tropical foliage brings year-round colour and the colourful bracts they bear periodically can make them show-stoppers. This, combined with their easy- care nature makes them quite irresistible! A little history Bromeliads come from the tropical Americas where they grow as forest under ... Read More »

The Best of The Best UK Garden Tour 2014


Treat your senses to the truly amazing sights & smells on this BEST OF THE BEST UK Garden Tour! This tour packs the UK’s most iconic gardens, castles & countryside into one amazing experience, you will visit the world’s premiere horticultural event the Chelsea Flower Show as well as: – the Garden of England, – Penshurst Place & Garden, – Great ... Read More »

Recipe Two (2) Ingredient Sage Dip

Recipe two ingredient sage dip #healthy #partyfood #garden #aboutthegarden

There’s no need to slave in the kitchen to enjoy a healthy dip this festive season, all you need is two ingredients! Ingredients – Finely chopped fresh sage from the garden (2 or 3 leaves for every 1/2 cup of Low Fat Cottage Cheese) – Low Fat Cottage Cheese (1/2 cup)   Method 1. Mix chopped sage into portioned Low ... Read More »

General Gardening Fact Sheet Archive

About the Garden has the information you need to get started in the garden. Below is an archive of all our ‘older’ gardening General Gardening Fact Sheets (pruning, raised garden beds etc) from many moons ago. Some of these may feature products which have been discontinued or re-branded, but the advice is still the same. Check out our blog posts, subscribe ... Read More »