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How to Grow Strawberry

how to grow Strawberries

Get your own strawberry patch in before the end of winter to pave the way for a long and delicious harvest throughout the warm season.

How to grow strawberry (white flowers) #flower #garden #aboutthegardenThere’s nothing better than the sweet flavour of home-grown strawberries! Loved by children and adults a like,  it’s little wonder this easy-to-grow groundcover is among the most popular food crops in Australian home gardens.

Producing its pretty white or pale pink flowers from late winter and familiar red berries which curiously bear their seeds on the outside, strawberries will crop throughout spring and summer with many varieties continuing through autumn.

Strawberry Planting Advice

Everywhere outside the tropics, new strawberry plants are best planted in June and July. (Tropical gardeners might prefer to put them in earlier, say from March to May to give them the longest growing season. Give strawberries a sunny position and improve the soil by digging in plenty of 5IN1 Organic Fertiliser before planting. Good drainage is essential, so build up garden beds if your soil is heavy clay. Strawberries are also ideal for growing in pots, planters or even in hanging baskets on a sunny balcony OR just plant them directly into a bag of Searles Premium Potting Mix (learn how here How to Grow Salad in a Potting Mix Bag)

Easy As grow Strawberries in a bag of Searles Premium potting mix!Ongoing Strawberry Plant Care

Maintain a good layer of mulch over the soil. This will conserve moisture, but it will also keep fruit in good condition by preventing it from touching the ground. Strawberries produce runners which makes them easy to propagate. It is actually recommended that strawberry plants be removed, thinned and the runners replanted every few years to ensure good crops and avoid overcrowding. Birds love strawberries as much as we do, so protect them with netting or place wire cages over your plants to protect your crop.

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