10 Tools To Kick Start Your DIY Garden

10 tools to kickstart your garden

You don’t need a large shed full of expensive tools to set up your very own garden. If you are wanting to kick start the year with a DIY garden, this guide will help you get you going with ease. With these 10 tools, you’ll have the perfect kit and thriving garden in no time.

1. It all starts with a plan

It may not be the most exciting way to get your garden going but a plan, and it only needs to be basic, will help you with everything from how you want your space to look to where you need to place plants. There are many online tools available to assist with mapping your area out to scale. Alternatively a simple piece of paper and pen will do the trick.

2. Choice of plants

Depending on your budget, your choice of plants can differ significantly. Shrubs and trees that are more established are quite costly however can help format your area with greater speed. To help your funds go a little further, opt for a couple of more mature plants and then purchase a range of younger ones that will establish overtime.

3. Seeds galore

Seeds make for a truly inexpensive option when it comes to establishing a garden. They are readily available and easy to grow helping to create pockets of colour and edible options. Better still, reusing offcuts from your store bought vegetables such as garlic, carrots and celery, you can create your own vegetable patch for free!

4. Basic equipment

Arguably there are 3 basic pieces of equipment that are essential when starting out. A small trowel is perfect for digging holes when planting. A rake not only helps to even out garden beds but also cleans your garden of stray leaves. Finally, a small pair of pruning sheers or secateurs for trimming plants, harvesting vegetables and cutting through woody stems. Source: Pixabay: Free for commercial use

5.Watering system

Depending on the side of your garden, you may not necessarily require a professional-looking irrigation system. Watering cans perform just as well for small gardens and hanging baskets, and you can always upgrade to a sprinkler system or a hose with an adjustable nozzle depending on the time you have to spend keeping plants hydrated.

6. Trellis

A trellis becomes a fabulous tool for helping plants grow upwards instead of out. Particularly for a vegetable patch, tomatoes and beans have rather lightweight stems and benefit from the support a trellis can provide as they grow. Two sticks with crisscrossed string can be just as affective as s store-bought option.

7. Plant food or compost

Just like water, all plants require food. Nutrients can come from a wide range of sources, both organic and non-organic however the most economical option is to set yourself up a compost bin and use the nutrients it creates to feed your growing garden. Turning everyday organic waste into a garden additive is a fantastic idea.

8. Handy smartphone apps

Armed with a smartphone or iPad you’ll have access to a wide range of apps that not only give you tips on the weather, but also guidance when it comes to knowing what to plant by season, the best time to harvest and how to manage lawn that just doesn’t like the shade. You name it, there’ll be an app, most likely free, for you to download and learn from.

9. Buying Second Hand Tools

It’s also worth making mention that tools don’t need to be shiny and new. As long as blades are sharp, handles are sturdy and buttons are functional, you can equip yourself with a functional set that’s preloved. Not sure where to look? Head over to the gardening area on Gumtree for everything you’ll ever need to get you started.

10. Inspiration

Finally, the most important tool to bring to your DIY garden is a dash of creativity and a splash of inspiration. Make your special space unique and you’ll enjoy it more and more every day.

Amanda Delatycki is the owner of Live Love Bean – Magic Beans. Unique gifts that continue to give.

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