2018 New release roses by Treloar Roses

  New Release 2018 Roses for winter planting in Australia #aboutth

New to the Treloar range for 2018 these fragrant and big bloom roses will add excitement to your garden this winter. 


Unconventional Lady

(Korsamasi) Hybrid Tea Rose

A lovely deep pink hybrid tea rose with a delightful fragrance. Glowing cherry red buds develop slowly into large, beautiful pink blooms. The bush is fairly vigorous with great disease resistance and produces nice long stems. All these attributes make this lovely new variety quite the show stopper in the garden and perfect for cutting. Approx 1.5m-1.7m tall.


Fairytale Magic

(Kormarzau) Floribunda Rose

Award winning magical rose. Full pink blooms with a touch of apricot and an enchanting fragrance sit on an extremely healthy upright bush to 90cm tall. Highly recommended.


New Release 2018 Roses for winter planting in Australia #aboutth

Fire Opal

(Korumneza) Floribunda Rose

This stunning novelty rose will delight you with its charming array of semi double blooms. As beautiful as the name suggests the pale near white buds blush pink in a dance with the sunlight as they open. A healthy rounded bush to 70cm high is a delightful addition to any garden. 

Garden of roses

Floribunda Rose

Full blooms in a soft apricot and a tender fragrance cover this attractive compact bush framed by dark leaves. Ideal for small gardens, pots, or borders has won many awards. Growth is to 60cm high. 

New Release 2018 Roses for winter planting in Australia #aboutth

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