3 Festive Ways to Use Sage

Sage is a beautiful herb to add to culinary dishes, however due to its strong flavour only a little is usually required for cooking, leaving you to ponder….. what to do with the abundance of lush green aromatic foliage in the garden?!

Here’s three (3) festive ways to use sage this holiday season, to fragrance and add living colour to your home:


1. Herb Posy

Add colour and aromatics to your Christmas table setting with bundles of freshly cut sage (and other scented herbs from the garden). Use raffia, string or ribbon to bind the foliage together and position to the side of the table setting or atop of napery. Lovely little touch to a Christmas feast.


2. Scented Herb Wreath

Add a little Christmas cheer to your front door with a scented herb wreath. All you need is sage (and other scented wonders from your summer garden), wire and some string. Bend your wire into a circular shape and tie the base of the herbs and foliage to the wire frame, hang when complete. Not only will your visitors enjoy lovely aromatics when they tap on your door, but once dry, you can reuse this scented wreath for a dried centrepiece!

For full instructions on how to make visit www.theherbgardener.blogspot.com.au


3. Incense (or smug stick)

Purify your home this holiday season with a homemade incense stick of sage and rosemary. Simple bundle your herbs together and hang out to dry, then you can burn for beautiful natural aromatics.

Did you know? Sage when burnt also repeals mosquitoes, so dry in wrapped bundles and pack for your next camping trip!

Full instructions on how to make from www.diydelray.com


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