4 Easy Steps to Propagating Bromeliads

how to propagate bromeliads from pups and seeds aboutthegarden

It’s not hard to convince you that bromeliads are fantastic plants.

They bring to your garden a lush, tropical look and vibrant, year-round colour with little maintenance. As a further bonus however, they are also very easy to propagate in four easy steps.

Four (4) easy steps to propagating bromeliads

1. Bromeliad ‘pups’ are the young offspring of the bromeliad which can be found sprouting along the base of the parent plant, usually at different times throughout the year. There can be as many as twelve pups in a litter, but usually there will be three or four. Bromeliad pups represent the easiest way to propagate more of these fascinating plants for your garden.

2. Separate the pup from the parent plant by gently pulling it away at the base. Take special care to keep the pup’s roots intact.

 Four steps to propagating bromeliads

3. The pup can then be planted directly into a pot of Searles Cymbidium Orchid & Bromeliad Mix. Here it will happily remain for the rest of its life without needing repotting. Most bromeliads will live 3–4 years in this fashion, during which time they will usually bear 2 of their own litters of pups. Most pups will take about 2 years to produce a bloom.

4. Bromeliads also self-propagate 
by producing seeds. Seeds will take about 3 years to reach full maturity, so this method requires more patience than propagating by pups.

How to Care for Bromeliads Easy As! Re-potting Pot Plants

Updated: 5.02.2015

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