4 Solutions for common indoor plant problems

Leaves yellowing with margins

Possible cause Soil too dry
Solution Water thoroughly. If brown or dense tips and potting mix does not absorb water, apply Searles Penetraide® Re-Wetting Granules and water again.

Leaves gradually pale into yellow and brown, particularly on side nearest to light/window.

Possible cause :  Too bright/direct
Solution : Sun scorch or light Relocate plant away from direct sunlight but maintain in a light area.

Leaves yellowing and suddenly falling. Leaves may be smaller and paler than usual. Spindly and lanky long spaces between leaves.

Possible cause : Too little light
Solution : Move to a brighter area with more light

Leaves turn yellow and fall. Leaves curl and fall. Leaves have brown tips on edges.

Possible cause : Draught.
Solution : Plant may be move away from affected by air draught.


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