Autumn Dainty Daisies

 autumn dainty daisies for mothers day

Traditionally seen as a symbol of innocence, daisies offer so much in the way of variety that there’s one for everyone, whatever your style. They’re also so easy to grow and care for, it’s little wonder they’re an enduring favourite.

Daisy Care:

Daisies have excellent resistance to disease and usually recover quickly from extremes of weather. They are excellent for attracting butterflies to the garden, which feed on their pollen. Most daisies prefer full sun but can also grow well in part shade. Plant them in a rich, well-drained soil and dig in plenty of 5IN1 Organic Fertiliser before planting for best results. Allow space between plants to reduce the risk of fungal problems and deadhead spent blooms to promote continuous flowering. 

Two dainty daisy varieties:

1. Federation daisies are easy-care, compact, small shrubs (60cmH x 1mW) with long-lasting floral displays in autumn and spring.

2. Brachyscome daisies flower throughout the year in full sun or part shade and will take the same fertiliser as other daisies. These Australian native daisies are great in Tuscan or cottage-style gardens and are beautiful teamed with rosemary hedges or lavender. Excellent in pots.

Collection of Autumn Federation and Brachycome Daisies

5 Hot Daisy Like Flowers for Autumn

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