Autumn Flower Bouquets for Mother’s Day

Autumn Flowers ten living flowers for Mum on Mother's Day

 Whilst there is no denying that cut flowers are lovely, a bouquet of living flowers lasts longer and will continue to flourish with blooms over several months or even years! This Mother’s Day, consider dropping into your local garden expert and purchasing a living bouquet for Mum.

1. Mother’s Day Orchids

Four (4) Autumn Orchid Flowers About the Garden

Autumn is a wonderful time for orchids, with four wonderful varieties to select from; Dendrobium, Oncidium, Phalaenopsis and Cattleya. All come in a selection of colours and available as potted plants from your local garden expert. Due to their popularity over Mother’s Day, make sure you get in early!

2. Cyclamen for colour

Four Facts about cyclamen this mothers day

Cyclamen are a cool weather flower and in Queensland a definite symbol of Winters approach. Cyclamen flowers are very delicate, fragrant and beautifully coloured. From hot pinks to whites, there is a cyclamen for every Mum’s colour taste. They make wonderful table centrepieces when displayed in a decorative pot cover. 

3. Chyrsanthumum, why not try Azaleas instead!

Six Azaleas perfect for gardening Australia

Azaleas are a Autumn flowering shrub like plant. They are gorgeous in pots and also make for beautiful floral hedges around the garden. Available in a wide range of colours, Mum will love receiving flowers from her Azalea, year after year.

4. Lavender for aromatic qualities

Gardening on the Western Side in Australia

A wonderful aromatic plant which is both a flower and a herb, lavender is widely used in cosmetic products, traditional potpourri and floral displays. With a delicate purple flower, a lavender plant this Mother’s Day is a sure winner.

5. Daisies for chains!

Collection of Autumn Federation and Brachycome Daisies

Daisies are a delightful little flower and a favourite of Mother’s, who doesn’t remember making daisy chains or a flower crown as a little girl! During Autumn, Federation Daisies and Brachycome Daisies are widely available throughout garden centres in Australia. Brachycome are especially special as they are an Australian Native Daisy and as such, tend to be hardier growers. So if Mum loves daisies, but is not a fantastic gardener, consider a Brachycome Daisy this year.

6. Camellias the scented hedge

how to grow camellia japonica


Given the right conditions, camellias are long-living and very easy care. They are available in abundance around Mother’s Day and are beautiful as a topiary, hedge, pot plant or just floral feature plant in the garden. Camellias known as ‘japonica’ are usually best suited to part shade and have larger flowers then other varieties. 

7. Bougainvilleas or try making these Pansies Mugs


 Pansies are a aged old Autumn gardeners favourite. With their delicate colourful flowers, they are gorgeous as border plants and pot displays. For something really special and unique this Mother’s Day, why not try this delightful ‘Coffee Mug’ pansy craft from Be A Fun Mum. 

Did you know that pansies have edible flowers? It’s true! You can crystalise pansies for cake decorating or even use in ice cubes. 

edible pansies in ice cubes for special entertaining at home. Autumn Flower ideas

8. African Violets

how to grow African Violets #garden #indoor #pot #flower #aboutthegarden

The perfect indoor plant, African Violets can bring a splash of colour to your Mum’s living spaces, from bathroom to coffee table. Pot up into a cute pot and saucer, or into a terrarium glass bowel.

9. Tibouchina

Tibouchina for containers & cold regions

No longer strictly purple or strictly a warmer region plant, the new range of tibouchina’s make wonderful potted colour for Mother’s Day. From whites, pinks to deep purples, tibouchina’s are a lovely flower to delight.

10. Begonia

Begonia’s seem to be as old as time itself! However, they are a colourful indoor plant, with a diversity of colours from deep reds to softer pinks. Begonia’s can perform well in the garden, but tend to be frost sensitive.

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