Autumn Wedding Bouquet Ideas – Aromatic Bridal Flowers!

Autumn Wedding Bouquet Ideas Aromatic Bridal Flowers with About the Garden

Autumn bridal flowers are always about warm bright colours but if you’re after wedding bouquet ideas that are excite the senses, autumn flowers can leave you short. The prettier flowers are in bloom but what they deliver in colour and shape, they lose in aroma. Luckily, inspiration for all the senses is at hand…. In a place you’d least expect!

This year, it’s all about pretty, cottage garden inspired weddings!

Going vintage cottage garden inspired? From snapdragons, to daisies, to gladioli, to sweet peas, the oh-so-in-right-now pretty, vintage inspired wedding bouquet is perfect for autumn. There’s no better time of year to create a soft and feminine flower arrangement. But what they deliver in colour and texture and shape, autumn flowers can lack for smell. So, beyond boring old roses, here’s our top tip for spicing up your bouquet and making your wedding truly unique.

Creating an Autumn wedding bouquet… with spice!

Well, herbs anyway! Autumn is the perfect time of year for harvesting aromatic herbs and there’s no reason you can’t spice up your wedding bouquet too. Depending on your wedding colours, there’s a host of beautiful, aromatic herbs ripe for your wedding right now. After a few wedding bouquet ideas that break the norm but still look the part? Check these out!

Autumn Wedding Bouquet Ideas Lavender sage rosemary rosella Aromatic Bridal Flowers for autumn About the Garden

  • Lavender loves dry heat over summer and is ready to harvest in late autumn and during the winter months. It’s bright purple flowers and soft green foliage makes it the perfect feature flower for your wedding bouquet!
  • Rosemary can be soft or spiky depending on the variety so you’ve got lots to choose from. It also flowers at various times of the year depending on variety and climate. Blooms are soft and delicate and come in purple, pink and white. While rosemary is great for blooms, its strong aroma is the real draw card!
  • Sage comes in plenty of varieties with leaves that vary from a plain soft green to creams and even purples.   The flowers are soft and delicate and they smell delicious!
  • Rosella. Strikingly deep red…there’s nothing quite so beautiful as the colour of a rosella bud! Imagine a regular red hibiscus only glossy and sleek! The flowers are pretty, delicate and pink, red or white. The stems can be a bit hard to work with so it might be worth getting your florist to put the bouquet together for you. Rosellas don’t boast as much aroma as other herbs but wow that colour! Rosella jam is one of the most delicious foods around too!

Spice up the room!

Potted herbs also make for a beautiful “guest gift” and can double as colourful, aromatic wedding table decorations. Fill your guest’s senses, and create a bright and beautiful reception room, on a very moderate budget! Your family and friends will love the idea of having a lovely, aromatic, flavoursome rosemary bush in their garden to remind them of your wedding day. Every time they sit down to a tasty meal made with fresh herbs, they can remember how special your wedding day was!

Autumn weddings are about filling the senses – these beautiful wedding bouquet ideas will bring happy memories of your special day back time and time again!
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  1. I have hyacinth flower head wired into my bouquet. They smelled divine!

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