Be A Fun Mum

If there is one person that can get you re-thinking your daily focus, it’s Kelly from Be A Fun Mum. Kelly is all about loving the moments of life that sometimes we overlook, that joy is in the little things, that parenting isn’t about having the best gadgets or buying the most expensive toys. That every moment is beautiful in it’s own way.

Here is what Kelly says about herself:

I would rather be called weird than boring.

I judge myself harshly but see the best in those around me.

I love being with people but am comfortable with my own company.

I’m never bored.

I am Kelly.

In 2013 About the Garden had the opportunity to work with Kelly on an amazing project to inspire mum’s to try growing vegetables and herbs from seed. It was a project that struck a cord with us and our passion for ‘practical gardening advice’, we were thrilled to have an opportunity to educate parents on how easy it is to get started in the garden, with the assistance of Searles Gardening Products. Kelly’s blog series, covered everything from growing from seed to preparing produce for the kitchen table. Here is where Kelly started Part 1 – Gardening with Kids: Planting from Seeds (using toilet rolls).

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