Best Climbing Spring Flowers for Pots

best climbing spring flowers for pots in the australian gardenFlowering climbing plants grown in pots offer versatility, variety and are great for colourful living screen or garden archways. Here is the best climbing spring flowers for pots that will do the job with minimal fuss.

 allamanda best climbing spring flowers in pots #gardeningaustralia www.jpgAllamanda

rose iceberg best climbing spring flowers in pots  #gardeningausGorgeous yellow trumpet shaped flowers occurring in clusters give a splash of colour on a wall, fence and support. Prune after flowering to encourage strong growth and repeat flowering. Protect from frost and plant in a moist, well drained soil.

Climbing Roses

‘Iceberg’, ‘Charles Austin’ & ‘Gold Bunny’ are all ideal selections for climbing roses. Ensure you use the correct potting mix to grow roses in pots along with an appropriate pot size.


Brose iceberg best climbing spring flowers in pots  #gardeningausougainvilleas

Bougainvilleas come in various colours from hot pinks, reds and purples to delicate whites and yellows. They are fast and vigourous growers. Pruning is a must, not only to keep them under control (as they are prone to sending shoots toward the clouds), but it also keeps their growth dense, compact and blooming wonderfully.

Stephanotis (Stephanotis floribunda)

Perfumed, white flowers appear in spring and summer. A dainty climber which is easy to control.


Are a fabulous climbers and are a hardy flowering plants good for pots, best of all they flower for most of the year so you’ll never be left long without a display of colour.

stephanotis best climbing spring flowers in pots  #gardeningaustralia wwwMandevilla

Have spectacular, large flowers from spring to autumn. A prolific flowering, easy-care climber. Plant in full sun to part shade. Available in different colours. Protect from frost.

Lady’s Slipper Vine (Thunbergia mysorensis)

Also called tropical wisteria. Large yellow and red pendulous flowers appear most of the year. Tropical but grows well down to Sydney. Grown best along an awning or a large archway so the flowers are free-hanging.

Banksia Rose

Yellow or white flowers borne this evergreen, thornless climber from late spring. Loves sunny position (image credit: savewater.com.au)

lady's slipper vine best climbing spring flowers in pots  #gardeningaustralia wwwSolanum jasminoides

White or blue flowers from spring to autumn. Very useful, adaptable climber for all sorts of cover-up jobs.

Chinese Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

Bears white, strongly fragrant flowers through summer and sometimes longer. Slow growing in its early stages, it will flourish when established. Trained up pillars, pergolas and arches (see left) or as a useful ground cover, it makes a stunning summer display. This beauty grows best in a sunny position and needs to be protected from heavy frosts. Tolerates most soil types as long as it has good drainage.


 chinese star Jasmine best climbing spring flowers in pots #gardeningaustralia www.jpg

“No Sneeze Please”

Climbing Flowers for Hayfever Sufferers 

If you suffer from hayfever which finds you hunched over a box of tissue on every attempt to enjoy low-allergy-spring-climbing-flowers-best-climbing-spring-flowers-in-pots-gardeningaustralia-www.jpgSpring colour, then considering growing these flowering climbers; allamanda, bougainvillea, banksia rose, campsis (bignonia), cardinal creeper, clematis, dipladenia, mandevilla, pandorea, passiflora, pyrostegia, rose (climbing), Solanum jasminoides or wisteria.

Dipladenias – hardy flowering plants good for potsFive Best Flowers to Plant in Spring

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