No More Painful Bindii Prickles!

 If you want a perfect lawn that you can walk on without all the painful bindii prickles, then you need to spray now to clean up for spring.


Winter is a time when many nuisance weeds and prickles seem to invade our home turf, causing much pain and frustration. One such major nuisance weed is the bindii.


If you have ever walked on a bindii and felt the sharp pain they cause, you may be interested to know that it is actually the seed that forms the prickle. Bindii grows in the winter and sets seeds late winter to early spring.


The trick to stopping bindii from spreading is to spray them in winter as soon as you see them, before the prickles develop, and continue to repeat spray every 3 weeks until they are gone. Repeat spray is important as this will control weeds that have germinated after prior spraying.


One excellent weed killer which kills bindii is Searles Lawn Perfect®. Searles Lawn Perfect® is a powerful spray containing three (3) herbicides that effectively knock out bindii, dandelion, clover and other common lawn weeds. Searles Lawn Perfect® is suitable to spray on many types of lawn including Queensland blue couch, Carpet Grass, Kikuyu, Fescue &  Saltene.


For better coverage

When spraying weeds, for better success add a wetting agent, such as Searles Spreadmax®. Searles Spreadmax® helps the spray to stick to the weeds, giving far better knockdown of weeds.


So remember, for a perfect lawn this year:

– Spray with Searles Lawn Perfect® every 2-3 weeks

– Don’t forget to add Searles Spredmax®

For further details download the Searles Lawn Weed Control Chart.


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