Biodegradable Pots for Seedlings: Origami Newspaper Method

Learn to make Biodegradable Pots for Seedlings- Origami Newspaper Method DIY step-by-step instructional aboutthegarden
There is nothing more rewarding then growing from seed and it’s dead easy to make your own biodegradable pots for seedling using the ‘Origami Newspaper Method’ in ten (10) easy steps. It’s so easy, even my six year old was able to do it! 

Why make biodegradable seed pots?

It’s simple really, you can plant your seeds and keep them in a safe location until they are mature enough to plant into the garden or a pot. The best feature about biodegradable is you don’t have to disturb the seedling root system to plant out; you just dig a hole and pop in the seedling, pot and all! The newspaper or paper will breakdown in the soil over a few weeks. This is a great option for vegetable plants like carrots, which don’t generally fair well when handled during transplanting.


  • scissors
  • newspaper
  • helping hands

Make it!

      1. Cut large newspaper in half. Following the central fold as a guide.
      2. Fold the single piece of newspaper in half.
      3. Fold in half again, crease and then lay flat.Newspaper seed pots how to make
      4. Taking the top left hand corner, fold into the central crease to create a triangular shape. Repeat with the right hand top corner. 
      5. Laying down flat, with the folds facing up, take the single bottom sheet of newspaper and fold in-half and in-half again till it is sitting over the top of the large triangle (or arrow). Run your nails over the folds to keep the paper folded in place. Newspaper seed pots steps 4
      6. Flip over. Taking the sides, fold into the centre along the crease. Run your nail along the sides of the crease to hold into place.
      7. Taking the top open end, fold the paper in half and in half again. Lifting the angles folded sides, tuck the newly folded newspaper underneath to resemble a ‘envelope’ shape.Newspaper seed pots
      8. Pinching at the sides, fold the top point of the ‘envelope’ shape down. Run your nail across the top to define the crease and then open the point back up.
      9. Taking the top ‘envelope’ point, fold it over to the top right hand side point. Crease this small fold with your nail and open back up.Newspaper pots for seeds
      10. Almost done! To open the ‘box’ shape, slide your hand into the bottom opening, then push in the centre of the last small crease fold for the ‘envelope’ top point to fold over and make the base of the origami newspaper seed pot. Makes for a great hand paper puppet too!Newspaper seed pots

Too easy! Besides being biodegradable, these origami newspaper seed pots can be easily stored flat in the shed or garden toolbox until required. So next time your experiencing unpleasant weather, don’t be sad that you can’t garden, knock out a few biodegradable pots!

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Renee Nugent writer for the About the Garden magazine and funmarkerHi, I’m Renee and I’m a self confessed fun maker. Whilst I’m not the world’s best gardener (I’ve killed cactus), I believe that getting my kids gardening is one of the most important experiences I can give them as a parent. It’s my way to teach them about the environment, food production, healthy living, science and sustainable practices in a fun and physical way. I love that they are willing to taste our garden produce and that we incorporate many of our garden ‘treasures’ into our craft activities.

So don’t let past gardening failures burden you, we’ve all killed plants and that’s OK. Just get out there and garden with your kids, because….. well….. it’s fun :-)

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