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Herbs for healthy lifestyle – Natural Medicine

Herbs provide more than just flavour enhancers to our culinary dishes, they enrich our overall well-being.   Today we think of herbs as culinary flavouring agents and they are essential to any good cook. They are almost as essential to any gardener, being amongst the easiest food plants to grow. Many herbs are perennial and are fairly easy to grow, …

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How to design the Perfect Outdoor Lighting Setting

  It was only a hundred years or so ago that electrical lighting was a luxury, not something virtually everyone in the Western world enjoyed. Today, advancements in light bulb technology mean we can illuminate our homes using a fraction of the electricity of the past. But are we really limited to just brightening our homes? Landscape lighting is an …

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6 Tips for the ultimate urban balcony garden

City living has its drawbacks for gardening enthusiasts. With ever-soaring apartment prices, interior living space is often cramped and outdoor space is seriously limited. But life in the concrete jungle need not be completely devoid of greenery. Before you give apartment living the (green) thumbs down, dig into these 6 tips for cultivating the ultimate urban balcony garden.   1. Look …

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Dietitian & Nutritionist – Deb Blakley

Introducing the Brisbane Dietitian, Nutritionist and mum, Deb Blakley who is passionate about kids learning to love good food from birth and beyond. I believe in the right of every person to EAT HAPPY I believe that every child is capable of growing up to be a competent and confident eater, no matter what the nutrition challenge is. I delight …

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Horticulturalist – Claire Bickle

  A qualified horticulturalist for 20 years, I have and still do work in multiple areas within the industry. The famous Perrott’s Nursery, based in Brisbane was my first horticultural job, from here I then moved into teaching horticulture at Tafe. Over the past few years I have also enjoyed conducting Sustainability Workshops for various Brisbane City Council libraries and …

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Occupational Therapist – Nicole Grant

Gateway Therapies is owned and managed by Occupational Therapist, Nicole Grant in Brisbane, Australia. Nicole has experience working with both adults and children, but in the past few years has focussed on paediatrics, and particularly enjoys working with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Nicole has formal training in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), but uses a range of intervention strategies, …

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Horticulturalist – Noel Burdette

Noel Burdette is a highly respected Local horticulturist and plantsman in Se Qld and is well known for his love of naturalistic and softer style gardens . Apart from having his own Private garden consultancy service , Noel can be regularly heard on 1116 4bc talking gardening each Saturday morning and is a contributor to many local garden magazines such as …

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Horticulturalist – Chelsea Van Rijn

My family owns Trevallan Lifestyle Centre (TLC) an About the Garden Local Garden Expert. Trevallan’s motto is “give your life some TLC” and that’s what I do every day – help people put the TLC (Tender, loving care) back into their life. I love talking to people about stress FREE gardening and often talk at local gardening clubs, women’s groups …

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Children’s Fun Maker – Renee Nugent

Renee Nugent writer for the About the Garden magazine and funmarker

Hi, I’m Renee and I’m a self confessed fun maker. Whilst I’m not the world’s best gardener (I’ve killed cactus), I believe that getting my kids gardening is one of the most important experiences I can give them as a parent. It’s my way to teach them about the environment, food production, healthy living, science and sustainable practices in a …

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