Handy Hints

Combination pot plantings

  Before you select your plants, establish your planting style. Do you want the pot or basket to focus on one plant or a mass of eye-catching colours? Do you want one colour or two or a multitude of colours? Many questions, and when you consider these, it will make your combination planting far more successful. Establish where you will …

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How to grow a pineapple

This summer, try growing a pineapple. Pineapples are part of the bromeliad family, so naturally, they will grow well in warmer weather. They grow exceptionally well in sub-tropical and tropical climates and look striking potted up in large pots. A real statement for patios and a talking piece when the pineapples appear.  To start the process, buy a pineapple from …

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Easy as! Grow herbs in a space saving planter

Grow herbs in a space saving planter great for small spaces

Don’t let space hold you back from having the fresh herb garden you’ve always dreamed of. This nifty strawberry planter can easily be transformed into a beautiful space saving herb garden, ideal for courtyards and patios. Fresh from your garden to the kitchen! Supplies: – Searles Strawberry Planter Bags (2 bags per kit) – 10 or 11 x Herb seedlings …

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Keep living Christmas trees looking healthy beyond Christmas

When you buy a living Christmas tree, the longest you should keep it inside is about ten days or less. If you want to get one earlier, keep it outside near the front door for a few days to be festive, this will help raise its survival rate for later. After Christmas, place it outside in a shady position for …

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Azaleas and Rhododendrons

  There are many types of azaleas suited to a range of lighting conditions from full sun positions to shaded areas. This gives an excellent range of azaleas to choose from to suit almost any area of your garden. Rhododendrons have similar growing requirements and are more commonly grown successfully in cooler regions. Enquire at your local garden centre for …

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What leafy greens to plant

There’s something refreshing about spring, isn’t there?  The cool, crisp dewy mornings ease into warm, comfortable days and end in mild, lengthening evenings.  This type of day is ideal for sowing leafy greens to pick for your first young, tender and crisp salads of the season. ‘Leafy’ greens come in all shapes, colours, sizes and tastes and flavours! Have you ever …

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Mandevilla – Large flower plant climber

Have you ever wished you could ‘splash’ colourful flowers all over your garden, as if with a magical paintbrush? Mandevillas can do just that, providing bold, tropical colour and looking fabulous for most of the year with minimal effort. Mandevilla (sometimes called Dipladenia) is a lush, tropical climber that flowers flamboyantly all year round In warmer climates. Hardy and versatile, …

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How to collect seeds and store them

Many gardeners have annuals they replant every year, and the majority buy seedlings or seeds from stores.  A fun activity that is very cathartic and so easy to do is to collect the seeds from your own plants to re-sow. Start with dry seed varieties with no mushy pulp, which are the easiest to collect and store. Think of the …

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Deadheading plants

  Deadheading is the removal of spent flowers, or ones past their peak, on annuals and perennials.  Deadheading may seem pointless, but it regularly promotes more flowers to develop because the plant does not spend energy producing seeds but concentrates on continual flowering. The plant’s performance intensifies, and a simple task enhances its appearance. To deadhead, you can snap the …

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Four (4) Autumn Orchid Flowers

Four (4) Autumn Orchid Flowers About the Garden

Accentuate a living space or area of the garden with a display of Orchid flowers this Autumn, their bold flowers and colours also making them the perfect living gift for Mother’s Day. 1. Dendrobium Dendrobiums come from Asia and the Pacific, including Australasia. They grow best throughout Qld and northern NSW and have no leaf drop, so they’re pretty easy …

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