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Autumn Wedding Bouquet Ideas – Aromatic Bridal Flowers!

Autumn Wedding Bouquet Ideas Aromatic Bridal Flowers with About the Garden

Autumn bridal flowers are always about warm bright colours but if you’re after wedding bouquet ideas that are excite the senses, autumn flowers can leave you short. The prettier flowers are in bloom but what they deliver in colour and shape, they lose in aroma. Luckily, inspiration for all the senses is at hand…. In a place you’d least expect! …

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Get your outdoor living space party ready!

Tips to get your outdoor living spaces party ready

So all the Christmas Parties are at your place this year? Get your garden and outdoor living areas looking their best with our top tips. It’s never too early to start!     Tidy up your plants  As soon as you can take a wander around the yard and trim anything that looks ‘yuk’. Give everything a good dead head …

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Light Up Your Christmas – Light Safety Tips

Light Up Your Christmas Light Safety Tips garden aboutthegarden

Christmas lights are a fun way to join in the festive cheer and make your home sparkle! Our Christmas light safety guide will help you to achieve a visual delight for all your Christmas decorating, with the safety of your home intact! Setting up your Christmas Lights Whether you are purchasing your Christmas lights new this year, or reusing lights …

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What You Need to Know before Building a Garden Shed

Building a garden shed what you need to know

Most people that have ever done any gardening know how convenient and even essential it is to have a garden shed – you can comfortably store everything that you might need when you’re working in your yard. And although at first sight building one might seem to be a pretty simple task, when folks actually decide it’s time to do …

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Creating pet friendly gardens

Pet friendly gardens tip and hints

Whether you are designing your garden from scratch or you are just adding a few bits of colour from your local nursery there is something that you may need to take into consideration: is that plant safe for your family, and I mean all your family including your pets. As with most things that we come across every day there …

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Cargotecture: Transform your Garden with a Shipping Container

shipping container kids space in the garden

Cargotecture – it’s the art of creating a beautiful outdoor living or working space on a tiny budget – using beautifully re-crafted… wait for it…shipping containers.  Yes, I was sceptical too but there’s a whole movement around low cost renovations (good quality used shipping containers with creature comforts built in start at under $5K) that give you more living space …

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Biodegradable Pots for Seedlings: Origami Newspaper Method

Learn to make Biodegradable Pots for Seedlings- Origami Newspaper Method DIY step-by-step instructional aboutthegarden

There is nothing more rewarding then growing from seed and it’s dead easy to make your own biodegradable pots for seedling using the ‘Origami Newspaper Method’ in ten (10) easy steps. It’s so easy, even my six year old was able to do it!  Why make biodegradable seed pots? It’s simple really, you can plant your seeds and keep them in …

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Dipladenias – hardy flowering plants good for pots

red flowers Dipladenias - hardy flowering plants good for pots aboutthegarden.com

The dipladenia’s hardy nature and handsome, brightly coloured flowers have made it a favourite pot plant in Australian home gardens. This little beauty is versatile, too. Usually thought of as a climber, the dipladenia is just as easy to train as a small shrub. Here’s how to grow them in pots. Climate/temperate zones Dipladenias originate from the tropics and subtropics …

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Cheapest Potting Mix…. False Economy?

Cheapest potting mix false economy #garden #pottingmix #notsaving a review #aboutthegarden #searles

Recently with the help of a friend, I had a gardening epiphany. She’s a keen gardener too, and although we catch up infrequently, it’s always a turn around each others gardens, a cuppa and a chat (whilst we steal cuttings). She seems to be an effortless gardener and her results are always better than mine.  We got to chatting about …

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Tips on Buying a BBQ that’s right for you


Buying a BBQ that’s right for you can be a rewarding purchase as we move into the warmer months. With so many different types available, the questions is, how do you choose the BBQ that’s right for you? The answer is to look at what you actually want to use it for, then sort through the features, varieties and brands to find one that …

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