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Flower pot Christmas cake recipe

Next time you bake a Christmas cake for a friend, try baking one in a terracotta flower pot. Once the cake is devoured, they can reuse the pot to plant up their favourite plant.   Ingredients 1.5kg mixed fruit 1/2 cup of your favourite sherry/brandy/rum 2 tbsp apricot jam 1 cup brown sugar, firmly packed 5 eggs 250g butter, melted …

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Reuse, Reduce and Recycle Tips

What do we do with items we have finished using? Well, if you know your three ‘R’s, you can stop them ending up in landfill and bring a little personal character to your garden decor.   REUSE GARDENING TIPS Save unused items from a trip to the landfill. With an open mind, just about anything lying around the house can …

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Easy Bird Seed Hanging Feeder to make

Bird Seed Hanging Feeder Want to attract more birds to your garden? Here is an easy and quick recipe to whip up in the kitchen and hang in your favourite tree. Make a cup of coffee and watch your feathered friends come to visit. Ingredients 2 x 50g gelatine packets 250ml water 2 or 3 cups of bird seed Oil …

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Rosemary Wreath for Anzac Day

Rosemary wreath for Anzac Day fragrant herb

Rosemary pinned to the chest is a familiar sight at Anzac Day services around Australia. The tradition began when a wounded digger brought back a small rosemary bush from the shores of Gallipoli and sprigs of this bush were worn to honour the fallen. To mark 100 of Anzac in 2015, consider hanging a Anzac Day Rosemary Wreath on your front …

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Make it! Cottage Garden Seed Bomb Favours | Airdry Clay Method

Cottage Garden Seed Bomb Favours - Clay Method DIY step-by-step instructional aboutthegarden

Eco friendly, fun and totally adorable, Cottage Garden Seed Bombs are a wonderful party favour or small gift you can hand make for under a $1 each (under $2 if wrapping individually). No great skill is required, just a willingness to get your hands a little dirty! What are Seed Bombs? Seed bombs are round balls made up of seeds, …

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Sensory Garden Ideas for Children

a garden that can be seen touched smelled and tasted the sensory garden

A sensory garden can be great fun to design, build and of course, enjoy. Kids learn best when they have freedom to explore and play in an environment that is safe and amenable to lots of imaginative play. As well as being educational and fun, a sensory garden can help kids regulate their moods and allow them to obtain sensory …

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Four (4) Garden Craft Projects for Father’s Day (Child’s Craft)

Four 4 garden craft projects for a happy fathers day 2014 #gardeningaustralia www.aboutthegarden.com

 Father’s Day is always a special time and I love to encourage my children to ‘craft’ something special for their Daddy and Poppy. Here are Four (4) Garden Craft Projects for Father’s Day that I think are pretty awesome! 1. Decoupage a Pot This Father’s Day Garden Craft project (by me) is a fun and useful way to showcase children’s ‘art’. I’ve …

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5 Ways To Get Kids Interested In Gardening

Are you seeking some inspiration to get your children interested in gardening? There are many ways to introduce them to the joy of flowers and vegetables and give them a fantastic healthy hobby that will hopefully live with them their whole lives. 1. Kids love instant gratification Whilst most plants take a while to develop, it’s a great idea to …

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