Vegetable growing in summer

Growing vegetables in the heat of summer can be a challenge but following a few simple steps simplifies the process.  First step is to know your region, is it Mediterranean, tropical, wet or dry tropical, dry inland, temperate, or cool and southern tablelands. Once you know your region then select plants that are suitable for your region at that time …

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Microgreens growing

Microgreens are a fast and easy way to add more to garnish your favourite dishes. Plus, they don’t take up much room, and within a few weeks of sowing seeds, microgreens will be ready to harvest and enjoy. Mizuna, rocket, cress, pea, bean, cabbage rubies, and commonly seed packets labelled microgreens are perfect for growing. Ensure seeds are not treated …

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Growing Dwarf Beans

Guide to planting and fertilising care for growing dwarf beans   How to plant dwarf beans Beans are an easy-to-grow, productive and nutritious warm-season crop. Beans prefer a slightly acidic soil between pH 6.5–5.5. They need full sun and a well-drained, friable soil. At least two weeks before planting, loosen the soil to 15–20cm deep, breaking up any large clods. …

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Growing sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be grown by either planting a sweet potato from the supermarket or buying one already with sprouts from a nursery.  For gardeners wanting a different ground cover, some varieties are grown for their attractive lime or purple leaves.  These varieties are developed for their foliage and used as a ground cover or a hanging plant, but the …

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Vegetable growing for one or small spaces

Whether you cook for one or two or have little room for a big veggie patch, here are some ideal winter mini or dwarf vegetable varieties to grow happily in small spaces with minimal waste.    The new Pohlmans ‘Patio & Pots Range’ is a collection of exciting new compact plants bred for pots on your patio or small garden …

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How to Grow Broccoli

Broccoli is a wonderful addition to the garden, delicious steamed, grilled, in a stir-fry or added raw to a salad (wonderful with walnuts). Here is everything you need to know how to grow broccoli. Broccoli loves the cold/winter season. It needs good drainage and plenty of sunlight, although late-maturing varieties may prefer some shade to protect them from sudden heat …

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How to Grow Winter Cabbage

Growing cabbage in Australia vegetable garden #aboutthegarden

Like other cold/winter season crops, cabbage need full sun and good drainage. Soil preparation Cabbage prefer a slightly acidic and somewhat heavy (clay) soil which will prevent leaching of nutrients with the regular watering required. Alkaline soil can be balanced by adding organic compost or the pH can be lowered by adding sulphur powder. Read up on how to use …

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Growing cauliflower

Watching cauliflower heads form is as entertaining as cooking with them in the kitchen. Planting Cauliflower Cauliflowers are best planted in autumn and early winter to enable the flowering heads or curds to ripen in cold weather. Plant them in a full sun position with good drainage and deep, rich soil to accommodate their extensive roots. Growing them in a …

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Quick growing vegetables to grow in Winter

Have fast growing veggies for harvesting within several weeks. Here is a list of veggies to start your productive crop.    Herbs – most herbs can be picked straight away after planting seedlings. For Winter growing herbs, plant chives, dill, parsley and chervil in all climatic zones. Rosemary, thyme and mint will also survive the Winter.   Lettuce – harvest within …

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How to Grow Potato – The Super Tuber

How to grow potato the super tuber

The potato originated in the Andes Mountains, where it was cultivated by Pre-Columbian Indians. It was taken to Spain by the Conquistadors, but because of its association with poisonous plants (it is a member of the nightshade family), the potato didn’t come to prominence in Europe until introduced into Ireland in the 17th century. Being so nutritious and easily grown …

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