Indoor Gardens

Australian natives for indoors and shady spots

Most gardeners think of Australian natives as plants for outdoors, but here is a list of shade loving beauties for your indoor and shady area. Think of native plants; many go straight to grevilleas, banksia, kangaroo paw and many other sun-loving natives. Australian native plants are not just sun lovers; the list of shade lovers will amaze you with their …

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Indoor Plant Problem Solver and Care Guide

Using plants to furnish your home is a great way to introduce green life into indoor areas. However, as with gardening outdoors, some consideration needs to be given in selecting the appropriate plants to suit the varying climates within the home. Hot spots Many homes have a room that experiences very hot conditions in summer, especially in the afternoons. This …

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Plants for growing in water

Some plants are so easy-going you can take a cutting and just add water for the easiest indoor plants. There are many plants that are so easily grown simply by putting the cutting in a bottle or glass jar and just add water. We all have known or been told of the devil’s ivy that was grown in a wine …

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Indoor plants for summertime

Summertime can see us either embracing the summer heat at the beach or enjoying more time indoors alongside our indoor jungle friends.  Keep your leafy jungle companions happy with these easy tasks.   A breath of fresh air Indoor plants don’t enjoy extremes of temperature. The living areas in your home suit them best as these rooms tend to be …

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Succulent plant care – how to grow and plant succulents

Succulents are known for their hardiness and water wise habits, but succulents still need a little love and attention. Here are the simple rules to keep succulents looking their best. Planting succulents For ideal soil conditions use the planting mix specially designed for their nutrient requirements. Searles Cacti & Succulent Mix feeds succulents and cacti for 9 months and has …

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Best Indoor ferns guide for indoor greenery

There’s something quite magical about the calming effect ferns have when we enter a room. Foliage plants soften and compliment any room decor and invite us to remember the natural world and pause for a moment. Whether you incorporate ferns in a greenery type environment or add them to a terrarium display, there is a fern for every purpose. Selecting …

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Growing Cyclamens

Growing Cyclamen

The coolness of winter brings us the perfect living gift for any loved one — cyclamen. How do you spread the love when temperatures fall? When a person is born or when two are married? When your best friend moves house or when they are blue? How do you give them some TLC to let them know you care? Cut …

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Best Indoor plants to create an indoor garden sanctuary

Indoor plants to create an indoor garden sanctuary For the past decade we have been taking the indoors outside, now is the time to bring the outdoors inside by creating an indoor garden sanctuary. Enjoy the benefits of nature’s greenery from the comfort of your home no matter what the weather holds outside. Healthy indoor plants create a special ambience …

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Fourteen (14) Fabulous Foliage Plant for Indoor Spaces

Create striking indoor garden areas in your home with architectural indoor foliage plants. These indoor plants are hardy and love to be around people and living areas.    1. Ficus ‘Turban’ This hot little number is finding popularity as an attractive and hardy house plant.  Position: Great in large containers in a medium to high light situation.  Care: Keep moist and …

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