Children’s Fun Maker – Renee Nugent

Hi, I’m Renee and I’m a self confessed fun maker. Whilst I’m not the world’s best gardener (I’ve killed cactus), I believe that getting my kids gardening is one of the most important experiences I can give them as a parent. It’s my way to teach them about the environment, food production, healthy living, science and sustainable practices in a fun and physical way. I love that they are willing to taste our garden produce and that we incorporate many of our garden ‘treasures’ into our craft activities.

So don’t let past gardening failures burden you, we’ve all killed plants and that’s OK. Just get out there and garden with your kids, because….. well….. it’s fun πŸ™‚

Three (3) fun facts about me:

– I failed third year in a Fine Arts Degree
– I grew up in a vegetarian household
– I have my bronze, silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

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