Combination pot plantings


Before you select your plants, establish your planting style. Do you want the pot or basket to focus on one plant or a mass of eye-catching colours? Do you want one colour or two or a multitude of colours? Many questions, and when you consider these, it will make your combination planting far more successful.

Establish where you will put the pot or basket and select plants suitable to that position for sunlight or shade.

Plant two colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel, which complement each other, such as purple and yellow.

The adage of a thriller (feature plant), a spiller (ground cover that cascades over the pot) and a filler (a plant that fills the gaps and, when the feature matures, will be partly hidden).

For height and volume, layer the planting with a tall plant, then a medium, and then a flowing, cascading plant.

If using a single colour theme, then a background of silver will make that plant pop in colour, e.g. Dichondra silver falls.

Use a potting medium suitable for the type of plants, e.g. Cacti and Succulent Mix for the dry-loving plants or Searles Platinum Potting Mix for flowering annuals and perennials.



You can purchase basket liners to reuse the basket wire if you have older wire baskets. Refrain from using thinning old fibre, especially if you have had weeds come up previously. The weeds have left seed in the fibre, and when you replant, the weeds will germinate.

You donโ€™t have to use flowers for stunning features. Foliage displays give year-round colour and are not dependent on flowering times. Different colour choices can create the feel of cool or warm colours, and remember, these colours may be around for six months, so select the impression you want.

A single species of plant may have a wide variety. Choose different colours and textures of the same type, knowing they have similar growing requirements to create your display.

Choose specific plant colours for events, such as Christmas (red and white) and weddings (the colour of the bridesmaid dresses). Try not to have a white flower in a wedding potted plant, as it will blend in too much with a white bridal gown. Plant displays at least six weeks before the main event, and always make up an extra few pots in case of issues.

The theme may be based on scent. Herbs or scented geranium are popular choices.

Some of the primary keys to success are to regularly water and fertilise fortnightly with Searles Flourish Soluble Plant Food and every six months with Recharge Ultimate Controlled Release Fertiliser.



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