Common winter garden pests and diseases in Australia

Common winters garden pests and insects in Australia #aboutthega 


Winter is a time when Bindii start to invade our home turf, causing much pain and frustration. If you have ever walked on a bindii and felt the sharp pain they cause, you may be interested to know that it is actually the seed that forms the prickle. Bindii starts growing in winter and if you kill the weed before it sets seed then you will have less bindiis for next year to contend with. Spray weeds now, with Searles Lawn Perfect, to avoid the painful prickles in spring. Searles Lawn Perfect is not suitable for Buffalo lawns. Use Searles Buffalo Master weed killer for controlling bindii in Buffalo lawns including Sir Walter and Palmetto (excluding ST varieties).

Common winters garden pests and insects in Australia #aboutthega 


Lilly-pilly trees are a very popular hedging plant, but can be vulnerable to psyllids (tiny, native, sap-sucking insects) which cause unsightly, but harmless lesions on new growth. To avoid this problem ask your local garden expert for lilly-pilly strains that are resistant to psyllid attack. Control infestations with Searles Conguard. Look out for psyllid activity from late winter and early spring through to end of autumn.

Common winters garden pests and insects in Australia #aboutthega

Sooty Mould 

Sooty mould grows on the honey-dew secretions made by sap-sucking insects like scale, aphids and mealybug. Sooty mould is unsightly but does not directly harm the plant, other than to inhibit photosynthesis. Of more concern are the sap-sucking insects which grow the mould. Control these pests with Searles Pest Gun. Plants that are under stress from other factors such as lack of water can be more susceptible to these kinds of problems, so water regularly in hot, dry weather.

Common winters garden pests and insects in Australia #aboutthega

Controlling black spot 

Black spot is a prevalent fungal disease effecting roses, citrus trees, apples and paw paw. Black spots appear on leaves, quickly turning the leaf yellow and dropping off. Fungal diseases spread quickly during periods of wet weather, high humidity and the cooler seasons. Healthy plants and specifically bred black spot resistant varieties are better at keeping black spot at bay. Control black spot early and improve the health of the effected plant by using a combination of organic liquid fertiliser SeaMax Organic Fertiliser Liquid and Searles Rose Pro – Black spot and Insect killer

Common winters garden pests and insects in Australia #aboutthega 

Controlling Snails 

You will see these slimy creatures early morning or at night. Control snails with Searles Snail & Slug Pellets. These pellets have a pet and children taste deterrent. 

Common winters garden pests and insects in Australia #aboutthega

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