Cyclamen a perfect Mothers Day Plant

How to grow cyclamen this mothers day

Cyclamen makes the perfect Mothers Day plant with their lovely, sweetly-perfumed flowers and can be easily grown as an indoor plant.

Here are the secrets to great indoor cyclamen

Cyclamen are native to Mediterranean coastlines. They enjoy a cool and slightly moist environment with filtered light. Cyclamen are great as an indoor plant provided they’re kept away from ‘hot spots’ such as heaters and fireplaces; the flowers will soon droop if kept in a room that is too warm. Also, they need space around them for air circulation. Outdoors, cyclamen will flourish in the shade of a large tree, but they can also be grown in pots and window boxes. 

Fertilising cyclamen

Regular feeding will prolong flowering and keep your cyclamen healthy. Lightly apply Searles Flourish Soluble Plant Food every two weeks for best performance.

Cyclamen Watering advice

Cyclamen are sensitive in their water requirements. It is best to completely soak the pot when watering, but allow the soil to partially dry out before watering again. This could mean watering once every few days in warmer months and once a week in winter. (Never allow the plant to completely dry out as it will quickly wilt.) Cyclamen can suffer root rot if the soil is kept constantly saturated, so do not leave potted cyclamen standing in a saucer full of water. (Drooping stems and yellowing leaves could indicate over-watering.) Always allow the water to drain from the pot after watering. 

Four Facts about cyclamen this mothers day

It loves the nightlife

Placing indoor cyclamen outside at night can be very beneficial. Done regularly, the fresh, cool night air will enhance the plant’s performance and flowering. When reaching the end of its season, place cyclamen outside in a sheltered and shady position for a week or two. The cool, fresh air may rejuvenate the plant and produce another flush of flowers.

Pruning tip

Keep cyclamen neat by removing spent flowers and yellowing foliage. This also encourages further flowering and growth.

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