Difference between water crystals and re-wetting granules

What is the difference between re-wetting granules versus water crystals? Each product serves a very different function to improve water effectiveness in soils.

Put simply, re-wetting granules aid water penetrating into the soil, water crystals act like water reservoirs in the soil for when the plants need the water.

What do Re-wetting granules do in soil?

Re-wetting granules are ideal to add to dry, harden soil in gardens and potting mixes. Water repellent soil is a common problem. Inconsistent watering and poor nutrient soils can compact and harden over time, causing the soil to become water repellent. This can be a problem as the applied water does not always reach the plant roots where it is needed, instead, it runs off the soil and the plants may wilt and sometimes die.

Use Searles Advanced Penetraide Re-Wetting Granules to prevent and correct water repellent soils improving water & nutrient delivery to plant roots and provide optimal moisture handling for improved plant health. This product also contains a 12 months controlled-release fertiliser. 

Sprinkle them over the top of the soil around your pot plants, garden beds, shrubs, fruit trees, lawns and water will penetrate and be absorbed for months, even after a complete dry out.

How do Water crystals work?

Think of water crystals as tiny water reservoirs. Each crystal is super absorbent, capable of holding up to 400 times its own weight with water. When the plant needs water, the roots penetrate the expanded crystal and extract the moisture it requires. Water crystals are best mixed throughout the soil before planting. They are of no use sitting on top of the soil. Searles Water Crystals


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