Easter DIY Garden Projects

 10 easter #easterdiy projects for the garden #aboutthegarden

Are you currently honing in your inner DIY skills to tackle a home or garden project this Easter long weekend? 

Easter is a great time to tackle a DIY project, particularly in the garden, as the weather is cooler, giving plants a better chance of establishing themselves before the cold winter months hit. Best of all, you have four (4) days to get the job done!

Keep us in the loop as you tackle your Easter project, we’d love to see what challenge your taking on, whether it be home or garden, tag us on social media with #easterdiy.

I only have a courtyard or balcony?!

Let us help you with that! Just because you have a smaller gardening space, doesn’t mean you can’t take on an Easter garden project. There are many space saving garden projects you can do, here are some of our favourites.

Small edible garden project ideas

Grow herbs in a space saving planter great for small spaces  How to grow vegetables in a bag of potting mix

part one how to grow lemon trees in pots  How to grow potted fruit trees in australia #aboutthegardenmagazine

Small flower garden project ideas 

Tibouchina for containers & cold regions  Dipladenias hardy flowering plants good for pots

step by step guide on how to re pot flowers and pot plants  Small Balcony Garden Tips to Get You Started

Small succulent and hardy plant garden project ideas

How to make a terrarium Fairy Garden Using Succulents  http://beafunmum.com/2015/01/miniature-terrarium-fairy-garden/

What Autumn flowers can I plant over Easter?

Autumn is a fantastic time to plant colour, some of the standout performers are tibouchinas, roses, orchids, cyclamen, daisies and pansies are all starting to showcase their colours. For a full guide of Autumn flowers refer to our regional growing guide

What Autumn vegetables, herbs and fruit can I plant over Easter?

It really depends on were you live, North Queenslanders this is your time to SHINE in the vegetable garden, you can start planting tomatoes, melons, cucumber and basil. Whereas souther states, you need to be thinking about your winter ‘eats’ and planting beans, cauliflower, cabbage and sage. For a full guide of Autumn vegetable, herbs and fruit refer to our regional growing guide.

Have a wonderful Easter, be safe and remember to use the tag #easterdiy when your tackling your long weekend projects!

Easter DIY garden projects

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