Easy As! Create a Succulent Terrarium

Creating your very own stylish terrarium is much easier and cheaper then you might think. So add a little living colour to your home decor or give a handmade gift with a difference!

The Ideal plants to use for terrariums are small succulents and indoor foliage plants. Succulents are heartier than most foliage indoor plants & require less watering.


How to Pot a Terrarium

1. Cover bottom of bowl with gravel (approx. depth of 4cm).

2. Cover gravel with Searles Terrarium & Fern Potting Mix to a depth of approximately 10-15cm (dependent on size of bowl).

3. โ€˜Teaseโ€™ root system of plant & remove some of the bottom mass of the root system.
4. Pop plants into the soil.

5. Spread pebbles around the surface of the soil. For added effect you can use coloured pebbles or contrasting textures.

6. Using a spray bottle, spray the bowl to clean (outside & inside) & wipe dry.


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