Easy as! Grow herbs in a space saving planter

 Grow herbs in a space saving planter great for small spaces

Don’t let space hold you back from having the fresh herb garden you’ve always dreamed of. This nifty strawberry planter can easily be transformed into a beautiful space saving herb garden, ideal for courtyards and patios. Fresh from your garden to the kitchen!


– Searles Strawberry Planter Bags (2 bags per kit)
– 10 or 11 x Herb seedlings
– 2 x 30 Litre bags of Searles Herb & Vegetable Potting Mix
– 1 x SeaMax Organic Fertiliser Liquid
– Garden Gloves
– Garden Trowel
– Sugar Cane Mulch
– Watering can


Grow it! Space Saving Herb Planter


Step 1. Fill the planter bag with Searles Herb & Vegetable Potting Mix (takes approximately 50L of potting mix is required), pushing the potting mix down gently.

Step 2 . To make potting easier, plant the bottom pockets first (ideally use herbs that are longer lasting such as oregano, parsley, mint and thyme). The easiest way to pot these herbs is to dig a hole down to the bottom pocket and pull the pocket out. This gives adequate room for the root system of the plant to be pushed inside the bag for nourishment and moisture.

Step 3. Carefully pull the seedling out of the plastic pot (it’s a good idea to give your herb seedling a little ‘dunk’ in water before potting). Grasping the root ball, push it into the planter pocket. If this is a little difficult, use your other hand to manoeuvre the seedling into place from inside the bag (using the hole you dug). Make sure the root ball is inside the main part of the bag and not just sitting in the ‘pocket’ as these can dry out quickly during the warmer months. Add additional potting mix as required into the bag pocket around the seedling. REPEAT for every pocket.

NOTE: You can plant the top of the planter. Ideally use herbs which seeds quickly or are large growing, such as coriander, rocket, basil or even a chilli plant!

Step 4. Water your new herb garden with a solution of SeaMax™ Fish & Kelp. This product assists in decreasing transplant shock & is a great organic fertiliser to get your herb seedlings flourishing.

Step 5. Mulch on the top layer of your herb bag, this assists greatly with water retention. Avoid heavy items like peebles if you wish to move your herb garden around as they add unnecessary weight.

NOTE: There are handles on either side of this planter bag, however follow the safe lifting advice below as the bag will contain over 50kg of weight (far more if recently watered).

Safety FIRST when lifting Herb Planter

Occupational Therapist Nicole Grant from Gateway Therapies states:

“Never lift from a seated position. Always balance your load with both hands, keep the load directly in front of you so that you are positioned symmetrically, and bend your knees to protect your back. Never pull the bag – either use a safe lift as described, or find another able person to help you. You can also use a trolley if you have one on hand.”

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