Easy As! Re-potting pot plants

step by step guide on how to re pot flowers and pot plants

Re-potting is an important part of owning healthy happy plants.

As time comes by, potting mix eventually degenerates and its nutrients are used up by the plant. It is best to re-pot plants into the best quality premium mix possible every two years or so, even if the plant hasn’t outgrown its pot. Using a premium potting mix will ensure the plant gets optimum plant nutrition to feed for longer. Searles Platinum Peat 80 Potting Mix is a premium mix which contains an 18 month fertiliser and has excellent water holding technology. 

Signs that you need to re-pot

– Limp or yellow foliage
– Plant has ceased to grow (no new shoots or flowers)
-When you water, the water runs right through the potting mix and drains out, nothing is retained.
– Roots protruding from the bottom of the pot or causing the pot to crack

Re-potting Supplies

– Ceramic Pot
– Plant 
– Trowel
– Garden Gloves
– Watering Can
Searles Platinum Premium Potting Mix

How to Re-pot it!

1. Use a clean container/pot or tub approximately 1 third 
larger than the original pot.

2. Fill container approximately 2 third its height with Searles Platinum Peat 80 Premium Potting Mix (less mix if a larger root ball) and give it a gentle push down to assist it in settling into the pot.

3. Thoroughly water the plant before repotting (if your plant is severely root bound, consider a heavy water and leaving the plant sit over night).

4. Remove plant from the old pot, hold onto the base of the stem, closest to the root ball and gently pulling the old pot off. Carefully remove excess old potting mixture from roots and tease some of the roots out. 
Check roots for any pests or disease.

5. Place the plant into the centre of the new pot and fill the remainder 
of the pot with potting mix.

6. Gently pack the mix around the plant. 
The mix should be the same level on the stem 
of the plant as it was in the old pot.

7. Water the newly potted plant thoroughly 
(to assist with possible plant shock, water your newly potted plant with a diluted solution of SeaMax Organic Fertiliser Liquid) and avoid leaving the plant in strong direct sunlight 
for the next day or two.

It’s recommended that you re-pot your plants every 12-24 months for the best results, especially produce plants like Fruit Trees.

Notes: If you are planting into a large pot, position it in its final position before planting. To aid drainage, elevate the pot with pot feet. 

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