Easy as! Strawberry Planter

Don’t let having a limited space hold you back from trying your hand at home grown strawberries.

Strawberries are great container growers, you can plant your crop in pots, hang in baskets, potting mix bags or even this specially designed strawberry planter bag!

These strawberry bag planters are ideal for those with balcony or courtyard gardens, as they are light weight and require under two bags of 30lt Potting Mix. Great first time strawberry patch for little gardeners.


– 2 x 30lt Searles Herb & Vegetable Potting Mix per Strawberry Planter
– Strawberry seedlings
– Mulch
SeaMax Organic Fertiliser Liquid
– Searles Strawberry Planter (2 planters per bag)
– Garden Gloves
– Trowel
– Watering can

Grow it! Grow a Space Saving Strawberry Patch

1. Place the strawberry planter in the desired location and pour in the Searles Herb & Vegetable Potting Mix, leaving a 10cm lip at the top of the bag (remember you still need to top up with mulch after planting).

2. After giving your seedlings a little drink before transplanting, squeeze the bottom of the punnet and pull the strawberry seedling gentle free, hold by the roots.

3. Plant the outside pouches first, starting from the bottom. Pull the pouch out, then push the strawberry root ball so that it is inside the main body of the planter bag. By doing this, you are saving the root system from over heating during the warmer months and also giving the plant greater access to moisture and nutrients. Top the pouch up by adding extra soil. Repeat step 3 on all pouches then plant three seedlings in the top opening.

4. Spread mulch around the top covering, this will protect the fruits, as well as assist in water retention.

Depending on the weather, you should only have to give your strawberry patch a big drink once to twice a week. For best results give your strawberry patch a drink of SeaMax Organic Fertiliser Liquid every few weeks.

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