Fast growing vegetables for home gardens


Have fast-growing veggies for harvesting within several weeks. Here is a list of veggies to start your productive crop this spring and into early summer.



Most vegetables and herbs require a full sun position for a lengthy part of the day to grow healthy stems and produce flowers and vegetables. Enrich your soil with 5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser to provide needed nutrients to the soil for roots. For quick and delicious results in pots, raised beds & gardens, plant veggie seedlings in Searles Herb & Vegetable Specialty Mix which will fuel veggie growth for up to 9 months. Plant straight into the Searles veggie bag if you haven’t had time to buy pots. For directions, click here



Remember to water your plants regularly and consistently. Keep soil slightly moist and regularly check pots are not sitting in water to rot their roots. A good watering regime will give them the best chance at producing well-formed, mature vegetables.

For leafy greens, water daily to keep soil moist and grow fast.



Choose seedlings and herbs in bigger size pots to reduce the wait time. Liquid feed with Searles Organic Fertiliser – Pots & Gardens every fortnight to encourage fast growth. 

Herbs – Many herbs can be picked straight away after planting seedlings. Most herbs will grow well in spring and summer with regular watering.

Leafy greens – Harvest within weeks. Harvest younger leaves for better taste and encourage more leafy growth. Choose kale, rocket, lettuce, baby spinach, bok choy and mesclun mix, all can be harvested within 4 – 6 weeks. Keep watering daily and twice daily in hot, dry weather. If growing leafy greens during the peak of summer in warmer zones, protect with shade cloth and keep up the watering. 

Dwarf Beans – pick young and often for a more productive crop and encourage flower production. Harvest in 4-6 weeks from seedlings. It can be sown during spring in warmer zones.  For cooler climates, grow in spring and summer or in a protected shade house during the colder months.

Radishes are one of the fastest and simplest plants you can grow. They are ready to harvest in about four weeks from sowing. It can be grown all year round in most climatic zones. For tropical areas, grow in the cooler months of the year.

Shallots – can be planted during spring in all climatic zones and during spring and summer in cooler climates. Harvest within 12 weeks or earlier if planted from seedlings.

Snow Peas / Peas – Peas are best grown in cooler seasons. Being a climber, support their growth by installing a trellis before planting. Liquid feed with Potash to boost flower and pod production. Harvest in 9-11 weeks. Pick the pods every day to increase production.

Cherry tomatoes – buy advanced seedlings and have ruby red tomatoes within weeks. Can be grown all year round in the tropics, arid and frost free areas in the subtropics For colder areas, plant in spring and summer. ’Tommy Toe’ and ’Tiny Tim’ are tasty varieties to try.

Baby carrots don’t take as long as full-sized carrots because they don’t have to grow to be as large and can be grown in pots. Baby carrots are ready to harvest in 55 to 65 days after planting. Can be grown in all Australian climatic zones in spring and cooler zones in summer.


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