Five (5) HOT daisy-like flowers for Autumn colour

If it’s bold, bright colour you want from your daisies, the dahlia 
is for you! Native mainly to Mexico, dahlias offer some of the brightest hues of yellow, fire engine red, orange, magenta, hot and pastel pink, almost black and even bicoloured varieties.

Another contender for fiery colour is the hardy calendula which blooms almost year round in shades of yellow, orange or white. For something different, try the rudbeckia or closely related echinacea. Bracteantha (paper daisy) is another unusual choice and although it’s an Australian native, it has the same growing requirements as other daisies and is great in dried flower arrangements.

In order as featured in picture:

  1. Rudbeckia
  2. Dahlia
  3. Echinacea
  4. Bracteantha
  5. Calendula

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