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My favourite place to garden is on the eastern side. It is truly a pleasure. Eastern facing gardens usually get morning sun, which usually isn’t as harsh as our afternoon sun. I find many plants that thrive in full sun conditions also thrive here in half shade especially plants that sometimes get their flowers burnt in full sun conditions.

Selecting the right plants

Because nearly every plant that thrives in full sun and/or half shade can be planted in an eastern garden I find the plant choices are endless. There is flowers and colour for every season in an eastern facing garden.

Autumn & Winter Flower Plant Choices

For Autumn and winter flowers you can have Azaleas, camellia sasanquas, ixoras, poinsettias and tibouchinas.

Spring Flower Plant Choices

For Spring summer flowers you can plant gardenias, hydrangeas, pieris and murraya.

Flowering Annuals that Grow on the East

Plus all the annuals grow in the eastern facing garden – petunias, pansies, snapdragons, lobelia.

Gardening on the Eastern Side in Australia flowers and fruit that will grow

Strappy Plants

If you don’t like flowers, foliage plants like crotons and dracenas will also grow well here.

Eastern Vegetable Gardens & Fruit Trees

Many people choose to have their summer vegetable patch on the eastern side as they vegetables still thrive with the morning sun but don’t seem to dry out or burn as much as they would if they were out in all day summer sun. Most fruit trees also thrive in an eastern facing garden.

Prepping the Eastern Garden

Eastern facing gardens need to be prepared the same way as all gardens – Good soil is the key to healthy plants. If I’m preparing a new garden I always dig 5IN1™ through my soil and let the soil rest for a few days until I plant. If I’m planting into an established garden, I dig my hole twice as big as the football of the plant I’m planting. I then plant the plant out with garden soil and fertilise with SeaMax Fish & Kelp. Water it in and mulch with an organic mulch like sugarcane, bark or Searles Mulch Plus.

Eastern facing gardens won’t dry out as quickly as western gardens or gardens in the full sun so make sure you don’t over water.

Because eastern facing gardens don’t tend to dry out as quickly as full sun gardens or gardens on the west eastern facing gardens are a great pace to have pots. I find my potted garden is most successful on this side. 

If I had my way I’d have an eastern facing garden on every side!

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