Growing Feijoas


Feijoa trees produce an abundance of bi-colour scarlet flowers in spring and by autumn the delicious, fragrant fruit which taste like the tropics will to ready to pick. When not in fruit, their lush evergreen foliage with matte green and silver leaves make for beautiful feature tree in ornamental gardens or in large container plantings.

Feijoa trees prefer cool winters and moderate summers, so are well suited to cooler climates of Australia. They will also grow happily further north in certain regions. Check with your local gardening outlet for the best varieties. They are generally hardy with minimal pests. Find a sunny position in the garden for them with well drained soil. Dig into the soil plenty of Searles Soil Impover to start healthy growth. Fertilise early spring with 5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser – Fruit & Flower just before flowering and again early summer to develop the fruit.

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