Growing Hoyas

Hoyas will quickly become a gardeners favourite after they experience their hardiness and scented pendulous blooms during the warmer months. With many variations available to suit different climatic zones and large pendulous blooms, this hardy evergreen climber will grow on you.

Most commonly grown, and familiar to many as the wax flower, the Hoya carnosa is easy to grow. Australia can claim to the Hoya australis, having many derivatives around the country with each showing small differences in leaf and flower shape and colour.

Location for Hoyas

Naturally found in Northern parts of Australia, Americas, Pacific islands and parts of Asia they will no doubt flourish well in tropical and sub-tropical zones. Surprisingly they will grow well in most parts of Australia where the winter is mild or can be protected from heavy frost preferring to bask in a warm position. Varieties of hoyas vary with some suitable for cooler regions. Try the popular varieties Hoya carnosa, Hoya australis, etc.

Being epiphytic, Hoyas have small roots, traditionally living high in trees feeding from rotting leaf matter. Their small root requirements make them perfect for pots. They donโ€™t mind at all being root bound in a small pot. If planting them in the ground, provide them with a trellis or climbing vessel to happily trail along. Keep their growing media free draining. Ideally, plant hoyas in Cymbidium & Bromeliad Specialty Mix. This mix has open free draining properties and contains a 4 month fertiliser for flower boosting.


Lighting for hoyas

Hoyas flourish in very bright light, in dappled shade areas and under patios in warmer zones. In southern, cooler zones they will tolerate more sun exposure in winter. They do require some sunlight to flower well. Morning sun or dappled shade are ideal positions for flowering. Protect from harsh summer sunlight.

Watering Hoyas

Coming from the tropics, naturally hoyas require wet, humid summers and drier winters. Water well in the warmer months and a little less during the winter months.

Fertilising Hoyas

Feeding hoyas before their flowering season and during flowering will greatly encourage more blooms. Feed at half rate with Searles Flourish Orchid Booster Soluble Plant Food.

Flowering Hoyas

Expect flowering to occur during the warmer months of the year from October right through to April. Hoyas produce flowers from peduncles protruding from the same stem junction every year, so it is important not to cut the flowers off after they finish flowering. They will drop off on their own. In addition to older flower heads, new growth will form every year, creating new peduncles.


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