Hanging Baskets planting and care

Hanging baskets add beauty and character to any home green space. They are a stunning way to grow plants around the home and add extra dimensions of colour at your choice of height.

Choosing your plants for hanging baskets
First you will need to decide where you are going to position your hanging baskets, whether it be in full shade, semi-shade or full sun. Then choose plant varieties that are suited to those conditions. There is such a massive choice of plants to use; the list is almost endless. By mixing and matching, you can create some splendid effects and colour themes. Consult your local garden centre expert for advice and tips on good plants for your conditions.

Planting in hanging baskets
Fill the hanging basket approximately half full with a good quality potting mix such as Searles Platinum Potting Mix. Hanging baskets, especially baskets lined with coir fibre, are generally exposed to lot of air flow and will dry out quicker than plants in the garden, so be sure to use good quality potting mix to keep water retention.

Now position your plants and fill the remainder of the pot with potting mix to cover all plant roots and hold plants in place. Leave the level of potting mix about one inch lower than the basket top to allow room for water when watering.

Watering hanging baskets
Before you water the plants in, hang the basket in position to ensure that you are happy with its height and position. Once watered, the weight will increase dramatically, so it is best to position the basket first. Give the potting mix a good thorough watering so that all the mix is completely moistened and excess water drains from the bottom.

Be sure to keep the potting mix moist and don’t allow it to dry out for any prolonged length of time. Remember that baskets with liners such as coconut fibre will dry out quicker due to air gaining access to the mix from all sides. New liners can be installed once the old liner disintegrates.

Fertilising hanging baskets
Good quality potting mixes will contain added slow release fertilisers and trace elements. To maintain good healthy plant growth, alternate fertilising by applying Searles Flourish Soluble Plant Food, fortnightly, for quick growth and response. Every 6 months add a controlled release fertiliser, Recharge Pots & Garden, for sustained growth during the year. Searles Recharge contains 12 month fertiliser, plus the added benefits of re-wetting granules, which reduce soil dryout and aid water retention.

For organic fertilising, liquid feed with SeaMax Organic Fertiliser every fortnight to promote and sustain healthy plant growth and flower development.

Revitalising old basket soil in hanging baskets
For old hanging baskets of plants that are tired and the mix needs a recharge, sprinkle some Searles Recharge Ultimate Fertiliser – Pots & Garden onto the potting mix surface, scratch into the mix and water in. Your plants and the mix will have a new lease of life.


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