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Garden Watch Treating Lawn Grub Infestations

Lawn grubs are easy to control. Sprinkle Searles Dead Grub Pro (Bifenthrin) granules evenly over the ground where lawn grubs are present and water it in well.


The granular shaker bottle means there are no messy concoctions or spraying. For the white curl grub, use the hessian bag test (mentioned earlier) after a week to make sure all grubs are gone. Keep watching for evidence of lawn grubs as they can return throughout the warm season. It may be necessary to reapply the granules every 4–5 weeks. Apply granules late in the evening for best results.

Infogram Seasons you can expect Lawn Grub Activity

It is advisable to start applying Searles Dead Grub from early to mid spring, before these pests have had the chance to lay their eggs.

How to Detect Lawn Grubs Lawn Care Video by Searles

how to identify your grass type in the lawn searles garden products

Updated: 28.06.2019

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