Create a Backyard Frog Refuge

A chorus of frog calls can create a wonderful atmosphere around your home on a summer night. These friendly critters also do a great job of controlling insect pests. You may also be surprised how little effort it takes to create an inviting haven for local frogs in your garden. Here’s how…

  • Use natural or poison-free methods of solving garden problems rather than using chemicals and poisons.
  • Above all other things, frogs need plenty of leafy vegetation in which to hide and shelter. Devoting only a small corner of your garden to this cause may be all that is needed to attract and protect them.

  • Build a simple frog pond or remove goldfish from existing ponds, replacing them with small (preferably native) fish. (Small fish will control mosquito larvae but will not be able to eat tadpoles once the tadpoles have reached a certain size.)
  • Join a local frog society or Frog Watch program to learn more about frog species in your local area.

N.B. Always check with your local council for regulations in your area before moving tadpoles or keeping
 frogs in captivity.


Did you know?
  • Frogs usually return to the place they were born in order to breed, so the tadpoles in your pond now may be the frogs singing in your pond in years to come!



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