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A garden wedding at your house or family home is becoming a very popular option for couples who want to create a special and intimate day. For many this is a way of cutting down on high costs such as venue hire, but backyard weddings are also perfect for couples who want to create a truly unique and memorable day in a location that holds special meaning to them and many of the guests. If you are thinking of getting married in your garden, here are our top tips for transforming your backyard into the perfect wedding location.

Get paperwork ready early on

Before you do anything else, contact your local council to find out which rules and regulations you’ll have to adhere to when hosting a wedding in your garden. You will likely have to plan around the regulations and need to obtain permits before your big day.

Choose a theme

Whether you want a simple, elegant backyard wedding, a green and natural look, or a vintage and nostalgic design, your theme will influence your décor elements for the day and give your wedding personality and a special touch. Choose a theme that you love and feel comfortable with to make other choices such as picking flowers, centrepieces, linen, stationery, drinks and catering much easier.

Prepare the garden

A wedding is the perfect excuse to get your garden in tip top shape and a bit of landscaping can make a big difference to the beauty of the day. Make a list of all the little jobs you need to take care of and start doing the painting, weeding and trimming well in advance. Plant flowers and new plants with the event colours and design in mind, and consider adding pathways or new garden beds that will enhance the layout of the space on the day.

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Create romantic lighting

Lights set the mood during the evening and it is worth it to spend a little more to ensure that you light up your garden perfectly. String beautiful strands of soft lights through trees and around the home, and place candles and lanterns on the tables and in darker corners of the garden.

Remember facilities

Don’t forget to arrange parking and other facilities such as accessible bathrooms for your guests. If parking is limited in your street you may want to arrange with a local school to use their parking lot for the day. Make sure portable toilets or your home’s bathrooms are stylishly prepared with candles, fresh flowers, hand towels and enough toilet paper.

Garden wedding ideas

Prepare for any kind weather

You can’t control the weather, but you can avoid disappointment or having to deal with rain-soaked guests and seating by having a backup plan. Sturdy umbrellas and marquees tents provide some protection from rain and wind, but if you have a patio area that can seat your guests comfortably, you may want to consider adding stronger and more durable cover to it. Stylishly designed shade sails can provide protection from the sun, while a retractable roof system installed over the patio is very effective at creating shelter from rain and sunshine, but can also be retracted when you don’t need it. These products are permanent additions to a home and will add value and comfort which can be enjoyed long after the wedding day.

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