How to Grow Camellias

how to grow camellia japonica

Camellias are adored by home gardeners for the sheer beauty of their blooms and foliage.

Given the right conditions, camellias are long-living and very easy care. Here are some growing tips to get your started!

Soil preparation

Before planting camellias, it’s important to prepare soils well with plenty of composted organic matter. Good drainage is also vital. If your soil is heavy clay or prone to water-logging, plant camellias into raised beds or pots. When in doubt, always use Searles Azalea & Camellia Planting Mix.

White in the light

Camellias with lighter coloured flowers such as white or pale pink are often more sensitive to the sun. Whites especially can be prone to ‘browning’ when exposed to excessive sun or wind.

Budding beauties

Camellias often form too many buds which can result in flower loss or poorly-formed blooms. So don’t be greedy — twist off excess buds, leaving only 1 or 2 buds per clump, otherwise you may end up with none!

Scientific names…

Camellias known as ‘japonica’ are usually best suited to part shade. They tend to have large, flamboyant flowers. ‘Sasanqua’ camellias are more hardy and sun tolerant, usually with more subtle or delicate- looking flowers. 

You might find this information video from our friends at Searles Garden Products, useful in getting your Camellia garden started!

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