How to Grow Potato – The Super Tuber

How to grow potato the super tuber

The potato originated in the Andes Mountains, where it was cultivated by Pre-Columbian Indians. It was taken to Spain by the Conquistadors, but because of its association with poisonous plants (it is a member of the nightshade family), the potato didn’t come to prominence in Europe until introduced into Ireland in the 17th century.

Being so nutritious and easily grown in poor soil, it became the country’s staple food. Left to its own devices, the potato is a perennial plant, but as the only edible part, the root, must be dug up, it is usually treated as an annual.

When to Plant Potato

Plant early autumn so the crop has matured before the onset of frosts, and late winter once frosts have finished. Do not plant where capsicums, eggplants and tomatoes have grown the season before.

Where to Plant Potato

Potatoes need open ground with excellent drainage and acidic soil. Roughly cultivate the bed and mix in a thick layer of Searles Premium Organic Compost and well-rotted manure. Cover with wet newspaper and sugar cane mulch and leave for two weeks before planting.

Potatos growing in the fieldWhen ready to plant, cut up the larger potatoes so each piece contains at least two eyes. Allow the cut surfaces to dry before planting. Smaller potatoes can be planted whole. Remove the newspaper and mulch and place the seed potatoes, with the eyes facing upward, at 50cm intervals, in rows about 80cm apart. Cover with straw, layer the soil excavated from between the rows on top of the straw and replace the newspaper and mulch.

Build up soil and mulch around the developing green shoots, ensuring the tubers are never exposed to light. Irrigate the depressions between the rows weekly and keep the mulch moist until the foliage has stopped growing. When the foliage begins to wilt, the crop is ready to harvest.

Store harvested potatoes in a cool, dry, dark place—a mesh basket in the bottom of a well-ventilated pantry is ideal. Potatoes may be susceptible to scab.

How much to Plant Potato

Two to three kilos of certified seed potatoes (or tubers) will produce a sufficient crop for an average family. These are recommended as they have been specifically bred to be virus-free, ready to plant, and available from good garden centres.

Potato Pests and Diseases

To combat this disease, keep soil moist and well drained and don’t add lime. If blight appears (purple blotches on leaves), treat weekly with Searles Mancozeb.

Potato Companion Planting

Potato like to grow with broad beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and peas.

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Updated: 12.02.2015

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