How to Grow Roses in Pots

How to Grow Roses in Pots

Many people believe that roses do not grow well in pots; however this is simply not the case with potted roses being  just as spectacular as those in the garden. Best of all they are ideal for people who do not have a large garden area or are confined to courtyard spaces (such as units, townhouses or retirement village dwellers). 

For the greatest success in pots select miniature roses over standards, whilst some Hybrid Tea and Floribunda have been proven to grow well in pots, but they do not perform as well as the miniatures. Not only will these beautiful blooms add colour to your home, but the diversity of pot designs will bring a touch of style and elegance to your garden spaces.

Steps for potting miniature roses:

Step 1. Select the pot size. Pot size is important, particularly in our hot climate. Use 300mm diameter or wider pot.

HOT TIP: Square pots are very good as the roots do not curl around as they tend to do in round pots.

Step 2. Select the right potting mix, Searles Platinum Potting Mix is an excellent high quality potting mix for this purpose.

Step 3. Roses love organic matter, so add two handfuls of 5IN1 Organic Fertiliser per pot and combined with the potting mix.

Step 4. Plant the rose plant and water it in with a solution of Searles Flourish Soluble Plant Food.

One month after potting Roses:

Fertilise the roses with Searles Recharge Flower Booster as this product easy to apply and the results are spectacular. For best long term results reapply Recharge every two months.

Fertilising Potted Roses:

Roses are heavy feeding plants and they respond well to foliar feeding so foliar fertilise every two weeks with Searles Flourish Soluble Plant Food. To a 9 litre watering can of this solution, add 10mls of Searles Liquid Potash. This method is great for Miniatures and Mini-Floras (Patios), producing great growth and spectacular blooms.

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