Cheerful Sunflowers

Sunflowers are the most cheerful flowers and make you feel like smiling when they open up to greet the sun. They are a great flower for little gardeners as they’re easy to grow, require little care and feel overwhelming when you under 100cm tall!

When & where to plant
To give your sunflowers the best start, prepare the garden bed well by turning the soil & removing any large lumps & weeds. Enrich the soil with a good amount of 5IN1 Organic Fertiliser as the plants require a good soil to anchor their bulky root system.
Sunflower seeds can be planted directly into the soil or into a seed-raising tray for planting later. It’s recommended that you plant each Sunflower approximately 60cm apart for the larger varieties, as planting close together will result in smaller plants & flowers.
When transplanting your seedlings from a seed-raising tray, give them a SeaMax Organic Fertiliser Liquid feed to stimulate a healthy root system.

How to maintain
Sunflowers are generally a low-maintenance plant, but give seedlings a helping hand by keeping them moist. When they reach approximately 30cm in height, give them a fortnightly feed of Searles Flourish, as this will give the plant the nutrients it needs to produce the flower head. Once the flowers start to appear, cease feeding.

More flowers
Most sunflower varieties only produce one flower, but if you remove the plant tip when the seedling is approximately 20cm high, you can stimulate production of more buds on the stem. This will make your local bees & butterflies happy as Sunflowers provide essential nectar.

More than one flower on Sunflower

Pests & diseases
Sunflowers are rarely attacked by pests and may suffer from some powdery mildew when the plant begins to age. The plant can be treated with Searles Mancozeb after the affected leaves have been removed, but generally, the plant is near expiry by this stage.

How to collect Sunflower seeds:

  1. Cut the flower head off the plant.
  2. Remove any small flowers off the seed surface & excess foliage.
  3. Put in a dry place for 2-3 weeks (dependent on weather) away from birds & any other ‘unwanted’ guests.Sunflower seeds

Fun things to do with Sunflower Seeds

  1. Re-plant the seeds & grow more flowers!
  2. Plot out a spot to make a Sunflower tipee
  3. Give seeds kits to your friends
  4. Roast them in the oven & throw them in a salad – yum

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  1. I I am trying to find seeds for the very large sunflowers that arent hybrid. Whilst the very large flowers grow there
    are no seeds for the birds which is a disappointment. Im now going to buy the sunflowers bird seeds but I think these will from the smaller sunflower. Yes, the large ones are fun to grow.