How to Grow Sunpatiens®

SunPatiens® offer unrivalled three-season flower power as the first impatien to thrive in FULL SUN plus withstand heat, humidity, rain and shade!

These remarkable plants represent a breeding breakthrough and are a cross between a wild Impatien species and a New Guinea Impatien.

Delivering continuous colour from spring through to Autumn, SunPatiens are unaffected by downy mildew and less prone to disease and damage throughout the year.

With non-stop colour, larger flowers, SunPatiens establish themselves more quickly, with stronger roots and more vigorous growth. The plant has a strong, sturdy frame that supports it well in wind and rain.

So where fast-growing, massive colour is essential they are an ideal plant for landscape environments or mass plantings. A single plant covers a large area without any need for replanting during the season. Mix them up, combine colours, create combinations with other annuls and perennials, make stunning hanging basket or container displays, create borders – there are so many uses and so many ways to use SunPatiens they are the perfect choice for worry free colour in the garden!

Available in twelve (12) Colours: Blush Pink, Coral, Deep Rose, Electric Orange, Lilac, Red, Magenta, Orange, Corona (unique Salmon Orange tones), Carmine Red, Salmon with variegated leaves and white.


Here is a helpful video tutorial on growing impatiens you might find helpful from our friends at Searles® Garden Products:

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