How to Grow Winter Cabbage

Growing cabbage in Australia vegetable garden #aboutthegarden

Like other cold/winter season crops, cabbage need full sun and good drainage.

Soil preparation

Cabbage prefer a slightly acidic and somewhat heavy (clay) soil which will prevent leaching of nutrients with the regular watering required. Alkaline soil can be balanced by adding organic compost or the pH can be lowered by adding sulphur powder. Read up on how to use a soil pH Test Kit.

Feeding & watering

Cabbage are greedy feeders, so dig plenty of Searles Garden & Vegetable Food into the soil. Cabbage can be planted as seed or seedlings; refer to the label for depth and spacing requirements and water immediately after planting. Water regularly and keep them weed-free. 

Pests & Diseases 

Cabbage white caterpillars should be removed by hand on sight. Heavy infestations can be sprayed with Searles Bug Beater


Harvest when their heads feel hard. To do this, dig up the whole plant, sever the stalk with a sharp knife and remove any outer leaves before storing the cabbage in the fridge. Compact cabbage varieties can be grown in pots of Searles Herb & Vegetable Specialty Mix.

Companion Planting

Cabbages make good companion plants for beans, beetroot, celery, lettuce, peas and potatoes.

 Companion Planting with Cabbage Australia vegetable garden aboutthegardenmagazine

Healthy extras

Raw cabbage salads such as coleslaw are packed with Vitamin C to fight off winter colds OR drink the water in which cabbage has been boiled for a fabulous skin tonic!

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