Kitchen extension ideas that spill into the outdoors

It’s time to renovate. If you’re planning to jazz up a drab and outdated kitchen this year, consider is it possible for the kitchen to be extended and spill into your outdoor spaces. The concept of a kitchen extension is simple, by creating open and seamless spaces between the inside of your home and outdoors, not only can you make your home feel more spacious, but you can enjoy a little bit of nature over a morning coffee. So before you get too excited and launch into ‘man versus cabinet’ and take a sledgehammer to the old cabinetry, sit back and consider; 

  1. How much do you want to spend, structural work can be costly.
  2. What kitchen extension ideas do you like and why.

Here is some great examples on kitchen extensions that spill into the outdoors from the least expensive in regards to structural work on your home to the more expensive, ‘I want, I want, I want’ options that might just be worth stretching the budget for. 

Using windows to create dining space

If your kitchen window looks out onto an undercover area, courtyard or deck, consider utalising this space as dining area, by extending the kitchen bench out and through the window cavity. You’ll need to consider what type of bench top you plan to use in your kitchen and how this will fair against the natural elements such as rain, snow and temperature spikes. Marble and stone kitchen benchtops are the sensible choice, over laminate, for this form of kitchen extension. Secondly, is your current window space low and wide enough to do the job. If not, you may need to recruit the services of a builder to open the space for you.

Kitchen extension ideas that spill into the outdoors shared bench spaceKitchen extension ideas that spill into the outdoors window Kitchen extension ideas that spill into the outdoors

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Widening doorways for spaciousness

With kitchen extensions, French, bi-fold or sliding door into your outdoor area can open the room, creating a seamless transition between the living spaces indoors and out. This open space, if designed carefully, can have shared benchtops, cooking spaces and dinning areas. It’s worth considering the amount of entertaining, you plan to do in your home and if the additional cost to the renovation project, building, structural as well as cabinetry and benchtops, is a beneficial long-term investment. 

Kitchen extension ideas that spill into the outdoors bi fold doors

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Kitchen extension ideas that spill into the outdoors glass walls

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Transparent walls & ceiling 

If you have the budget, one way to bring the outdoors in, is to replace entire external walls with glass. Glass will not only increase the nature light into your kitchen, decreasing your electricity bill, but will also allow for a more natural partnership between the garden and living space. No matter if you have a garden kitchen, natural rainforest or a delightful native garden, it will feel like your living in a green paradise. 

Kitchen extension ideas that spill into the outdoors with galss

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Kitchen extension into the garden

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So take a moment before grabbing that sledgehammer, get yourself a nice cuppa and draft what you want from your kitchen and how it can work with your outdoor spaces. Talk with your local cabinetmarker if you need a little inspiration, they will have the experience to direct your choices in the right direction. Your budget will obviously dictate how many structural changes you can action as part of your renovation project. However, who wouldn’t look to stretch the budget just a little to implement one of these kitchen extension ideas that spill into the outdoors.

Chris Polvari has been a cabinetmaker for over 20 years and his company Urban Accent has been beautifying homes for more than eight years.

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