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Christmas lights are a fun way to join in the festive cheer and make your home sparkle! Our Christmas light safety guide will help you to achieve a visual delight for all your Christmas decorating, with the safety of your home intact!

Setting up your Christmas Lights

Whether you are purchasing your Christmas lights new this year, or reusing lights from a previous year, it is important that you run through a few Christmas light safety checks before you start decorating.
• Make sure your lights are approved to Australian standards – be careful buying overseas and online as safety standards vary.
• Familiarise yourself with the safety and installation instructions
• Check for any damage to wires
• Check that all globes are secure – do not use lights with missing globes as foreign objects can become hazards in the sockets
• Make sure you have a working safety switch
• Ensure all smoke detectors in your home are in working order
• Teach children about the possible hazards and dangers of lights and power boards
• If buying second hand, get lights checked by a licence electrician prior to use.

Indoor Christmas light safety tips

When decorating your home, ensure that you are using the correct lights for their intended use; external lights to be used outside only and internal lights indoors. Indoor lights don’t have the necessary weatherproof ratings to be used safely indoors. For indoor Christmas light safety, adhere to the following:
• Keep lights away from touching anything flammable nearby, like curtains and furniture covers.
• Don’t overload your power points.
• Ensure all lights are switched off when leaving the house, or going to bed.
• Christmas tree lights need to be kept away from decorations which could pose a fire hazard; tinsel should be hung separately.
• Living Christmas trees which require watering need special consideration; make sure lights are switched off and unplugged, and avoid water on the wires.

Outdoor Christmas light Safety tips

External Christmas lights come with a variety of weatherproof ratings, with a guide for how much weather exposure they can handle. The following are additional Christmas light safety tips specifically for outdoor light decorations:
• Keep decorations away from power lines, metal poles, swimming pools and other water sources.
• Turn off outdoor lights in the event of raining or stormy weather.
• Make sure all connections are waterproof.
• Be careful when climbing to assemble any outdoor lights.
Following Christmas light safety checks is essential to ensure the safety of your home and family this festive season. Decorating your home can be a fun way for all family members to participate in Christmas cheer, and a great way to teach your children about the importance of electrical safety along the way!

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This is a guest blog from Andrew at Action Property Inspections, Brisbane.  As a professional property inspector, Andrew has seen some risky electrical systems.  If you’re worried about safety at home, contact Andrew.

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