Flower Lotto Game

Did you know that in the olden days, children use to play a special flower card matching game, which was a mix between snap & bingo. The owner of this beautiful set, Mrs Beth Craddock shared with us how to play the game:

My greatest treasure is this flower lotto set. It’s very old — I got it in 1942 when I was in boarding school. The game is very easy to play — it’s a little like bingo. Each player is given their own board. The dealer then picks a card and calls the number and the flower name, for example ’21, Daisy’. The player with that number and flower name raises their hand and places the card on their board. The first player to fill all their board wins.

I played this game with my children and grandchildren when they were little. I’ve found it an excellent educational tool for teaching children how to identify plants and to love gardening. My youngest granddaughter has just turned two and is getting old”

On the back of Mrs Craddock’s cards was information on each flower, so children could learn all about growing their favourite bloom.

Thank you Mrs Craddock for sharing your beautiful game with us.


You can make your own Flower Lotto game set by following these steps:

Step 1. Collect flower photos (2 of each photo) from magazines, the internet or your own photographic collection.

Step 2. Rule up 8 pieces of paper with 9 boxes in each.

Step 3. Glue the photos onto 4 of the pages.

Step 4. Write the plant name and number at the bottom of each box.

Step 5. Take the duplicate pictures and repeat steps 3 and 4. Then cut out the squares to create playing cards.

Step 6. Get together with a few friends and play! To make the playing set last, have it laminated. As many as five people (including the dealer) can play at a time.

A great game to play on REALLY hot or rainy days.

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