Easy as make a scarecrow

make it ScarecrowScarecrows are traditionally a decoy to keep pesky crows away from eating crops. They are usually in the form of a human-shape and filled with hay or straw. Their eerie demeanour has made them a popular prop for Halloween celebrations and also Scarecrow Festivals around the country (check this  out – Scarecrow Hinterland Festival).

Scarecrows are very easy to make and lots of fun. Here is our ‘Easy as scarecrow’ instructions that little gardeners will LOVE!



– old kids clothes; shirt, overalls, singlet, hat (we used size 0)
– twistie ties (alternatively string or zips ties)
– hay (or straw)
– bamboo cane (approximately  60cm high)
– permanent marker


Make it!

1. Snap one of the bamboo canes in half. Lay over a full length bamboo cane approximately 1/3 from the top. Use the twistie ties to secure the two bamboo canes together (should look like a cross).

2. Dress the bamboo cross with shirt and overalls.

3. Take the singlet and twistie tie the ‘head’ opening to create a ‘bag’. Fill with hay until you have a nice round head shape, then twistie tie the bottom to close. Secure your scarecrow head to the cross by pushing the bamboo cane through the bottom of the head. If your scarecrow head is a bit floppy, just wrap more twistie tie to secure firmly.

4. Taking the hat, push twistie tie through the middle of the fabric. Then secure with twistie tie to the top of the scarecrow head. Now all you need to do is take the permanent marker and draw a face on your scarecrow!

May your scarecrow have a happy home in your garden.


Happy gardening!



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