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If your a Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) local or planning a holiday to this gorgeous city with children, then this website is AMAZING. Brisbane Kids is the one-stop Brisbane website for events, activities and things-to-do, perfect for parents, guardians and grandparents alike.

Here is what Ngaire, owner of Brisbane Kids has to say:

It all comes down to family

and LOVE


and TIME

In 2014, About the Garden writer Renee Nugent was invited to contribute regular gardening and craft activities to the Brisbane Kids “Craft & Fun Ideas” category. This was an exciting opportunity for us to work and directly influence parents, guardians, teachers and grandparents on topics such as recycling, bio-diversity, ecology, biology, food production, organics, healthy living etc etc etc in a fun and engaging way. Our goal was and is to inspire parents to re-think what gardening is about and realise that it embraces many educational tools which are the foundations of children’s ongoing learning and development.


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